The Ultimate Surrender

By: Penny Jordan

‘She was so convinced it was going to be a boy. Apparently Phil isn’t too pleased at all, because the tests they’d had done all predicted that she was carrying a boy.

‘Not that we care, do we, my darling baby brother,’ Briony crooned as she cuddled him. ‘Mum, I’m sure he’s grown since yesterday. He feels heavier.’

Polly smiled tenderly. The baby had been born prematurely, and they had all been concerned about how quickly he would grow and put on weight. But their fears had all been allayed as Alistair proved to be a healthy baby with a keen appeite.

Briony was even more besotted with baby Alistair than Marcus was, and that was saying something.

As with Briony’s birth, Marcus had been there with her to share Alistair’s, and even to Polly’s protective maternal eyes there had been no difference whatsoever in the degree of tenderness with which he had held his own blood child and that which he had shown the newly born Briony.

‘I’ll always be his favourite,’ Briony had told her mother smugly the day Alistair was born. ‘Fathers always have a softer spot for their daughters, whilst mothers spoil their sons…’

Their daughters…? But, after all, that was exactly what Briony was to Marcus—his precious and much loved daughter.

Half an hour later, after Briony had left, Marcus came into the nursery just as Polly was putting Alistair back into his crib. She smiled up at him and told him softly as she went to kiss him, ‘Thank you.’

‘What’s that for?’ Marcus asked in bemusement as he returned her kiss—with interest.

‘For being you,’ Polly told him truthfully, ‘and for giving me…everything.’

‘Mmm…Well, if you really want to thank me…’ Marcus teased her, drawing her towards the door that led to their own bedroom…

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