The Intern Volume One

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Great, I’ll call her this afternoon and have her begin this Saturday.”

“Good, fine. I’ll be here, I guess.” I come in every Saturday, so I’ll be training her.

Fucking hell.

He leaves without another word, and I continue typing hard against the keyboard. There’s a huge case that’s just had a breakthrough. I hurriedly type it out so I can get it online ASAP. Most of our customers are online. We try to get our reports out first before anyone else can.

“Casey West will be here eight a.m. this Saturday,” Paul informs me over the phone. My body tenses up at the sound of her name. “Do you want your assistant here just in case?”

“In case what?” I scowl. “She can’t figure out how to work the coffee maker? No, I think we’ll manage.”

The truth is I want her alone without interruptions. Her personality and confidence have me completely captivated, and I want to know more about her—without my assistant getting in the way.

“You have to teach her more than just how the coffee maker operates,” he warns. “She could potentially want to apply here after graduation. By teaching students the ropes of the job, they’re already pre-qualified to work here.”

“Yes, I know, asshole,” I snap. “You don’t need to repeat everything my father tells me, you know?”

“Oh, you mean you don’t want to have the talk about the birds and the bees?”

“Screw off, man. I’m not a child.”

“You’re twenty-six,” he laughs. “You may as well be.” And then he hangs up.

Working here is a joke. No one takes me seriously being the son of the CEO. Everyone thinks I’m here because of daddy, and technically, I am, but I could’ve scored this job without his help. I double majored in college, earned above average grades, and did a lot of community work. I was no one’s charity case. I could fend for myself.

I’m browsing through emails on my phone as I ride the elevator down to the lobby. It halts on the third floor, and I back up to let more people on. I don’t lift my head up as the elevator starts again, but suddenly I’m hit with the sound of laughter.

It’s innocent, young, and vibrant. I’m intrigued, so I shift my body to get a better view of her. My eyes find the young girl in the front by the doors. I watch her from the side and notice she’s on her phone. She’s smiling wide and laughing with whomever she’s speaking to on the phone. The doors slide open, and I walk around a few people to exit, except the girl doesn’t move and I crash right into the back of her, pushing us both out of the elevator before the doors close. Instinctively, I wrap my free arm around her waist to catch her from face planting the floor. Her back is pressed against my chest and for a moment, I don’t want to let go.

Her phone isn’t as lucky. It slips out of her hand and lands on the lobby floor.

“Shit,” she curses and my arm frees her to bend down and grab it off the floor.

“I’m so sorry,” I begin apologizing as I step back. My eyes wonder to her bare legs and up her tone thighs to a pair of black workout shorts. She’s wearing a baggy sweatshirt as if she’d been running or working out. I can smell the fresh sweat on her, but it doesn’t turn me off. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

“That’s okay.” Her voice cracks as she turns around, and I finally get a good look at her. “Oh, Mr. Leighton,” she says surprised, and I immediately curse the bad luck that brings me to my new intern—Casey West.

“Miss West?” I finally say as she stares up at me in silence. “I thought you weren’t coming until Saturday?”

“Hide your disappointment, Mr. Leighton.” The corners of her mouth perk up into a cocky smile. “I was just picking up the paperwork and doing all the background check questions.” Her witty personality is spot on just like the last time.

Everyone that works or interns at Leighton Enterprises goes through an extensive background check for security reasons. All of the files are confidential, and only journalists reporting on the stories can know the exclusive information.

“Ah, yes. Of course, the paperwork.”

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