The Intern Volume One

By: Brooke Cumberland

“None of your damn business.” I open the fridge and grab a can of soda.

“Cecilia,” my mother warns, “be nice.”

She only calls me by my full name when I’m in trouble, which is actually, most of the time.

I slam the fridge shut. “That was me being nice.”

I turn to walk away before remembering I need her to sign that form. I spin back around and grab it out of my purse. “Here, sign this.”

She eyes me suspiciously. “What did you do this time?”

“It was an accident,” I defend. “No one got hurt.”

“Oh, my god! Hurt? What the hell, Ceci?” She unfolds the note and reads the note Mr. Jamison typed out. “Jesus, Cecilia.” She shakes her head in disapproval before scribbling her signature on the line. “I don’t work forty plus hours a week to save up for your bail money,” she scowls. She assumes I’m going to get in enough trouble some day, or that I’ll smart off to the wrong person, and end up behind bars.

I wasn’t worried about it.

“You’re not invincible, Cecilia,” she warns after I roll my eyes at her lame lecture.

“I don’t know why I need your damn signature anyway. I’m eighteen.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’re still living under my roof. Mr. Jamison and I have a deal.”

I snatch the letter from her hand. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” I turn on my heel and head back upstairs to my room.

I watch my phone like a hawk wishing they’d call me today and just tell me I got the internship. I know they said a few days, but that’s going to be torture waiting.

I grab my lock box from under my bed and place it on top. I have the key in my bedside dresser underneath My Little Ponies and Barbie’s I used to play with when I was a child. The only reason I keep them is that they are the last thing I could find that was from my dad. Mom went crazy and started throwing all of his shit out that would remind us of him. She said it would help us ‘heal’ and ‘move on’.

I didn’t want to heal. And I sure as fuck didn’t want to move on.

I couldn’t.

Not until that bastard was caught and sentenced to death.

* * *

“Oh, my god, that was brutal!” Cora giggles as she slams her body into the locker next to mine.

Cora’s been my best friend since we were in elementary school. She’s the only one who knows all the gory details of that day.

“You’re a drama queen,” Simon spits out who’s standing on the other side of me. Those two are always fighting for my attention and never getting along.

“Go away, Big Brother,” she spat back, waving her hand back at him.

“Okay, you two...just go hump in the closet already. Your pretending to hate each other is driving me insane.”

“Oh, it’s not pretend, babe. It’s as real as Montana Greyson’s nose job,” Simon snorts.

I laugh at his remark.

“Okay, well I have class. See ya guys at lunch,” I holler over my shoulder. I know those two are secretly crazy for each other. I’m just waiting for both of them to figure it out.

I check my phone every five minutes for a missed call or voicemail. Nothing. I know I’m impatient, but I can’t help it. I’m fidgety as hell.

My whole life is weighing on this internship, and although, it’s technically not counting for anything, I just need to get into their system long enough to find what I’m looking for.

The position wasn’t a typical college internship. Most students that needed internship credits didn’t take any college classes during the semester because they worked at least forty hours a week. However, Leighton Enterprises was looking for a weekend intern—someone they could train and mold into a future employee.

It was a rare occasion that they held internship interviews since most were found from within—someone’s son or daughter, niece or nephew—but not this time. And this time, it would be mine.

It’s spring semester for college students, meaning many are getting ready for graduation soon. And although I’m preparing for mine as well, mine’s a high school graduation. And this would be my one and only chance to get into this company.

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