The Intern Volume One

By: Brooke Cumberland

Unless she snuck out purposely.

The thought makes my blood boil. Leaving me like a one-night stand when I have clearly made her mine... My hands turn to fists as I walk down the hall to look for her.

I open the bathroom door, but it’s empty.

“Ceci?” I call. No response.

I continue walking down to my office. The door is closed, but I step in any way.

The room is still and silent as I expect it to be, but I call for her again anyway. “Ceci, you here?”


Fucking A.

Rage builds inside me as I imagine the worst. She fucking bailed.

I should’ve expected it.

They always do.

I start storming out of my office when something near my desk catches my eye.

Part of my white sheet.

It’s peeking underneath my desk. I look up at my office chair and see it’s not pulled in all the way.

She’s hiding.

The End of Volume One

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