The Intern Volume One

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Good day, Cecilia,” I hear him say with amusement.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a teenage girl like me gets away with shit like that, but when the principal is your aunt’s husband who knows exactly the childhood you’ve had, you tend to get the sympathy card.

The tragedy of losing my dad—my hero, idol, and best friend—has forever altered me. I’m no longer his little girl—his princess. I’m a cold shell of a person forced to grow up and deal with the new complexities his absence left of my upbringing. I was forced to grow up much faster than I should’ve had to and face the realities of what the world was really like—cruel and unfair. I don’t know who I am, or who I should be, but I know one thing’s for sure—I can only rely on myself to find out the truth of that day.

“I heard what you did.” Simon appears next to my locker with a grin.

“Yeah, and what’s that?” I snap back as I turn the lock code on my locker.

“That you about burned off Montana Greyson’s fake eyebrows.”

I laugh. “That should teach her to be ninety-five percent fake then.”

“I could hear her screaming from outside the girl’s bathroom. She was cursing and crying.”

I roll my eyes. “What a fucking drama queen.”

“Well, to be fair, she wasn’t blessed with your perfect skin and naturally straight hair,” he teases, pretending to give her an excuse.

“True.” I smirk. “But I don’t care about those things.”

“It’s a shame you don’t see how freaking gorgeous you are.” I scowl as his eyes wander up and down my body like a dog in heat.

I quickly look in the tiny magnetic mirror that’s hanging in my locker and shrug unapologetically. “I see it. But I only care when it gives me an advantage,” I respond playfully.

If he only knew that’s exactly what my plans are...

I slam my locker shut after putting my bag away. “Well, I’m out. Tell Cora that I’ll call her later if you see her.”

He flashes me a disgusted face. “Yeah, like I’m going to purposely run into Cora.”

I laugh at his expression. “Fine, whatever. I’ll talk to you later, babe.”

After this morning’s incident, I’m ready to get the hell out of there. I have somewhere else to be anyway.

My older sister, Casey, is living at home while she attends college. It’s cheaper and that way she has our mom to do her laundry still. If it were me, I would’ve gotten the hell out of here long ago.

She’s only three years older than I am, but we look a lot alike. At least I hope people think we do, because I’m hoping to be her for the next sixteen weeks.

After showering and getting dressed, I peek into her room where she’s studying on her bed.

“Hey, Casey. I need your student ID.”

Her eyes never lift from the book. “It’s in my wallet.”

I walk over to her purse and pull out her tiny Coach wallet. I’ve been in it numerous times, usually to borrow her license to get into clubs or to buy alcohol. She never questions it, either.

“Thanks, I’ll bring it back later.”

I wasn’t dressed in my usual clothes. Instead, I’m wearing a navy blue pencil skirt, white silk blouse, and nude pumps. I look like a librarian, but I need to look the part.

My hair is up in a tight bun with a few loose curls. I wrap my late grandmother’s pearls around my neck for added effect. My face is naturally pale, so I add a touch of makeup—nothing extreme. My body is slender—a gymnast’s body—but I haven’t trained in years. Not since I was fourteen and could no longer deal with the memories each practice brought.

It used to be a passion of mine, but now it was only a reminder of my dad and the times we spent together every Sunday afternoon at the gym. I loved it before dad died and now it was only a painful memory—a painful passion.

Who the hell dresses like this? Someone who needs to pretend to be someone else, I suppose. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I walk into the building marked Leighton Enterprises and then take the elevator to the third floor. Confidently, I step off and walk straight to the secretary’s desk.

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