Summer with the Millionaire

By: Jessica Gilmore

The idea of that happening to the prince made her ill. She knew he took precautions, but as he’d pointed out, there was always a certain amount of risk. The desire to see a vent up close would be hard to resist. That’s what he did in his work. He crept up close to view the activity and send back information. But there might come a day when he’d be caught. She couldn’t bear the thought of it, but she admired him terribly.

The playboy prince who’d had dozens of girlfriends didn’t mesh with the volcanologist whose name was Val. She didn’t want to care about either image of the sensational-looking flesh-and-blood man. When Carolena finally pulled the covers over her, she fell asleep wishing she’d never met him. He was too intriguing for words.

At seven-thirty the next morning her cell phone rang, causing her to wonder if it was the prince. She got a fluttery feeling in her chest as she raised up on one elbow to reach for it. To her surprise it was Abby and she clicked on. “Abby? Are you all right? How’s Max?”

“He’s still running a temperature and fussing. I think he’s cutting another tooth. The reason I’m calling is because I’m going to miss breakfast with you and stay in the apartment with him. It will give Vincenzo and Valentino time to get some work done this morning.”

“Understood. I’m so sorry Max is sick.”

“It’ll pass, but under the circumstances, why don’t you order breakfast in your room or out by the pool. I’ll get in touch with you later in the day. If you want a limo, just dial zero and ask for one to drive you into town, and do a little shopping or something.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll love relaxing by the pool. This is heaven after the hectic schedule at the law firm.”

“Okay, then. Talk to you soon.”

This was a good turn of events. The less she saw of Valentino, the better.

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