Rock Revenge:Alex's Story

By: Candy J. Starr

He put down the Fender and I picked it up, looking at the price tag. Then I slapped some money on the counter.


Betrayal flickered over his face but I didn’t want it for me, I wanted it for him. That’s how we got started.

“And quit your job,” I said. “We need all the rehearsal time we can get.”

After that, the band became a thing. Jake was the buffer. We played it up, him all boy-next-door and me, the dark demon. I dressed in leather and grew my hair. I snarled while Jake smiled. Together we wrote the music and we pushed each other to do things we’d never have done on our own.

We had a pretty big following too. Not a city-type crowd but up and down the coast, we could fill most venues. It’d taken a few years and, in that time, I knew I wanted nothing else. We talked and talked, about moving away. Music industry types turned up to see us. We were on the cusp of something huge.

Until the crash.

I’d buried all that down deep, though. I couldn’t dwell on the past. I had rehearsing to do even if the other guys were taking their sweet time. They were always late for rehearsal.

When the guys finally turned up, we got to playing and the music drove all the other thoughts out of my head. It was just me and my guitar. I had a couple of new songs that I wanted to test out and, once we were done, I gave the guys the schedule for the week.

Fabian wanted to talk about Saturday night’s gig.

“It was nothing. Just a bad night,” I told him. I grabbed my gear and headed out.

“But, that girl?”

“That was nothing.” I shot him a grin. “You know what chicks are like.”

He nodded and that ended the conversation.

After that, I swung by the club. There wasn’t a lot to do there. Carlie could look after the bar without much need for my input. When she’d first started, I’d go through inventory and that kind of thing with her. I had no experience running a bar but I’d picked up a few things about business from my old man. Now though, my presence wasn’t even needed for that.

Sally was capable enough with running the band room too. She’d come to me as often as she could for my input but that wasn’t because she needed help. I knew exactly what her intentions were but I had no interest in her. She was a good worker and that was as far as I cared about her. I wasn’t about to tell her outright though, in case she quit.

I hadn’t sat down long when Sally moved in beside me. She wanted to talk about the band roster. She always wanted to talk about the band roster.

“I really think you should check it over,” she said.

“Anything you decide is fine by me.”

I hadn’t slept much in the last few days and that made me snappy.


The next time I went to the club was to see the band booker, Sally. I’d spoken to her on the phone but I wanted to meet her in person. I’d like to look around the space while it was empty and I wanted to see what she knew about Alex. I told her I’d drop by with some flyers.

We were starting off with an opening spot on a weeknight. Fair enough too, we were unknowns, but I intended to rule this town and Alex’s club. He’d not be able to walk away from me so easily.

When I met her, I realised she was the busty blond who’d been hanging off Alex. Hell, an Alex fangirl was the last thing I wanted to deal with. I needed someone who’d have my back.

Hopefully, we’d get to play before she realised my connection to Alex. I’d hate to have the gig cancelled before we got that chance.

“Great to meet you,” she said. “I loved your demo. You guys have something.”

I smiled, trying to win her over. Although, if she was in Alex’s thrall, I had no chance. Winning people over wasn’t my strong suit, not anymore anyway. Once, I’d been the Miss Congeniality type, lots of friends and no barriers. Now, even when I attempted to make friends, that invisible wall was there. I didn’t exactly repel people, maybe just intimidated them. And, even then, it wasn’t on purpose.

“I love your band name too. Dee Cups. That’s hilarious.”

I followed Sally around the room, checking out the sound desk and the system. It was a sweet setup.

“Thanks for taking the time to do this,” I said. “I know we are small potatoes at the moment.”

“No problem. It’s no issue at all. Not many bands would go to this much effort and it gives me a break from being on the phone all day.”

Just as she said that, her mobile rang. She shot me a smile of apology while she took the call. Since I’d seen everything I needed to see, I gave her a smile and wave and headed off.

There were a few people hanging out in the bar downstairs. They all seemed pretty chummy. I’d thought I’d be able to sneak out without them noticing.

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