Nick and Lilac

By: Marian Tee

Everyone around them sighed. The duke smiled. She shivered.

Lilac blinked, the smile of dark amusement playing on Nick Christakos’ lips making her fantasy vanish as reality reasserted itself.

Got you again, manari mou, Nick mentally purred in satisfaction as he glanced down in surprise at the soft and curvy missile that tried to go through him.

Around them, a silent sort of pandemonium slowly took place, women enviously cursing Lilac for having the fortune of bumping into Nick Christakos. Lilac was unaware of it, but Nick was – and he didn’t give a fuck about any of them.

She’s not for someone like you.

Jilly’s warning echoed in his mind, but Nick pushed it away. Still, he tried his best to curb his lust for now, knowing it would just frighten his little lamb away.

He tried to distract himself with his surroundings, finding them more interesting than the girls who kept trying to catch his eye. The Christopoulos University’s three-story library was renowned throughout the world, its lavish décor resembling a hall straight from the Versailles Palace. A room made of circular fifty-foot walls that reached all the way to the domed glass ceiling, all of them stacked with books, the library’s magnificent architecture never failed to inspire awe.

People often caught their breaths on their first visit. Nick did so, too, today, when Carole Richards had given him a blowjob behind the last-row shelves on the ground floor.

Carole had been extremely skillful, and coming in her mouth had been fantastic. But now that he stood before Lilac, Nick thought with a frown, somehow it did not feel right anymore.

He glanced back down at the beautiful girl who captivated him without seemingly being aware of it. “Hello, Lilac.” Nick savored the way her name flowed silkily past his lips. No one hearing him would ever have guessed that in the six days that passed since they first met, he had been fucking every hot girl who came on to him.

He watched with amusement as she took a careless step back, only to bump into one of his security detail. She tried backing away in another direction, only to bounce back towards him. He did his very best not to smile as she tried this several times, much like a pinball, before realizing there was no escape.

Lilac stilled, and it gave him a chance to just look at her. Beautiful as she was, it only made Nick hate her clothes more, which belonged inside a garbage bin than outside it. Yet somehow it did nothing to dampen his interest. Looking at Lilac, Nick knew all the other girls he had taken to bed the past week had been nothing but mere distractions.

Lilac was what he really wanted, Lilac he wanted to fuck, Lilac he wanted to claim as his own.

He had been true to his promise to Jilly. He had deliberately gone out of his way to avoid Lilac, but it was as if the Fates were insisting his shy little lamb was his to seduce and possess.

Cringing at the realization that Nick’s security team had practically caged her in with Nick Christakos, Lilac made herself look at Nick. Why, she wanted to ask him. Why did a billionaire like him waste time talking to her?

Lust slammed back into his body in full force when Lilac blinked at Nick, her air of perplexed silence suggesting she could not figure out why he was blocking her way. Ah, sweetheart, do you really want me to fuck you here? How could she not know what kind of power those blinking doll eyes of her wielded?

“Still not going to talk to me?” Nick’s voice was all sexy challenge and dark amusement – the voice, she thought miserably, of a consummate playboy that she stood no chance against.

Lilac pursed her lips as Nick Christakos sent her a devastatingly gorgeous smile, doing her best to stay aloof. The way he gazed at her was criminal, and the way his smile sent butterflies flying inside her tummy like they were drunk was even more worrying.

When he only continued to look at her, Lilac made herself nod – before shaking her head, realizing that her action may be misconstrued as her agreement to ignoring him. She paused and nodded, realizing that a shake of her head could also be misunderstood.

“Lilac.” Nick’s rich dark drawl hinted at barely suppressed laughter.

She froze, realizing she had just made a fool of herself.

“Just answer me with a yes or no,” he urged with a faint teasing tone in his voice.

Lilac wanted to glare at him. That was the problem! She did not want to speak to him at all!

A smile tugged at his lips. Lilac’s face was unreadable, but her pale violet eyes were more than expressive, and right now they were bright with frustration, the question in them almost audible. Why don’t you just go away?

Make me, the mocking gleam in his eyes answered back.

Lilac saw Nick gave a small nod, and his security team dispersed like shadows under command. It confused her, and when she looked back at Nick, he was gazing at her body. Lilac crossed her arms over her chest with a silent gasp.

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