Nick and Lilac

By: Marian Tee

Jilly’s jaw dropped open, but even she wasn’t brave enough to get in his way. Clearing her throat, she said reluctantly, “Let me formally introduce you two. Nick, I’d like you to meet my very good friend Lilac York.”

Lilac York. Even the name was sexy.

Jilly hesitated before carefully adding, “She’s best friends with Karla’s cousin Amber.”

Tension poisoned the air at the mere mention of Nick’s supermodel ex-girlfriend. His eyes were now an arctic blue, and for some reason it made Lilac’s heart ache.

That was not the look of a man who had moved on.

Somehow, the realization made her heart ache even more.

The mere mention of his ex made him feel like he got punched in the gut, but Nick managed not to react to it. So Karla knew Lilac. That shouldn’t matter and Jilly seemed to agree as she continued steadily, “Lilac, this is Nick Christakos.”

Nick didn’t wait for Lilac to answer. “It’s my honor to meet you, Lilac York.”

Lilac froze, feeling like the gods of serendipity were laughing at her. Those were almost the exact words used by the duke in her daydreams!

“Err, Lilac…” Jilly cleared her throat meaningfully.

Flushing, Lilac realized that Nick Christakos had his hand out for quite some time.

Nick watched Lilac’s gaze dart around in response, as if there was a chance she’d find an excuse to avoid his touch. Fuck if that didn’t make his erection bulge painfully against the tight confines of his pants. Maybe, Nick mused, just maybe, it was true that girls who presented a challenge were more interesting.

Patient, amused, and aroused, Nick was content to watch Lilac dither without saying a word. Sweetheart, there’s no escape.

As if she heard him, Lilac slowly turned to face him again, a reluctant expression on her face as she took his hand.

The connection was electrifying, making Lilac’s body jerk. She withdrew her fingers right away, but it was too late – for both of them. Lilac was in a daze. Oh, sweet heaven, just that one touch alone had set her body on fire, skin sizzling as if she was being caressed by flames.

She saw Nick smiling at her lazily, telling her without words that he knew what she was trying to hide. God, he was arrogant! But the worse thing was how his arrogance only seemed to add to his attraction.

This is insane, Lilac told herself. She had sworn off guys. She needed to swear off guys. She had to remember that. Managing to finally tear her gaze away from his mesmerizing blue eyes, Lilac desperately sought for something else to look at –

Unfortunately, that ‘something else’ accidentally happened to be his crotch, which was not so effectively hiding his raging hard-on.

Lilac’s eyes flew to his in shock. Really? She wanted to gasp out loud, never having met someone so blatantly sexual and so shockingly arrogant about it.

Nick didn’t even blink, his smile only turning into a smirk that just made him more intensely sexy. Yes, really, his smirk seemed to answer.

Lilac hurriedly looked away, needing a few seconds to think and just…breathe. She had never come across someone even distantly resembling a powerfully attractive man like Nick.

Nick could see that Lilac was struggling to ignore him. Her body language said it all, as if she wanted him to understand that she had decided whatever they had between them wasn’t worth exploring.

You can’t fight fate, manari mou, Nick thought with possessive satisfaction, his imagination already going into overdrive with how he would soon pursue Lilac York...and make her his.

Lilac forced herself to speak. Stuttering or no stuttering, she had to go like right now unless she wanted to embarrass herself by doing something like…like beg Nick to take off his shirt so she could stop obsessively wondering what kind of abs he had.

“I’m sorry. I have to go.”

Jilly tried her best to hide her relief at Lilac’s words. Yes, go! The Devil’s out to get you. But of course she couldn’t say that, not with said devil still beside her and emitting predatory vibes. Shit. What had she done?

“I have a meeting with the SAC,” Lilac was mumbling.

“Then you should hurry,” Jilly said firmly and waved her friend away.

“SAC?” Nick echoed without taking his gaze off Lilac’s hurriedly retreating back. She looked, he thought with amusement, like the devil was after her. Then again, her fears had merit. He was closer to being a devil than an angel.

Despite her worries, Jilly couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “Social Action Committee, you jerk.” She shook her head. “Why am I even surprised that you don’t know anything about it?”

Nick shrugged, not bothered by her all-too-accurate assessment. He was a selfish bastard. He knew it and didn’t see any point in denying what he had no plans changing.

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