Nick and Lilac

By: Marian Tee

Lilac had gazed at Susan’s neck before saying quietly, “I don’t mind if you write when you talk to me, Dr. Petersen.”

She had been the first patient to ever say that, to consider Susan’s pain when it should have been Susan helping her cope. Before Lilac, Susan had thought herself an old weary soul, heart hardened by the ugliness her work continuously exposed to.

But Lilac was different, and now that the girl had grown into a young beautiful woman, Susan secretly looked upon as her own daughter. She was considered one of the old terrors in the university she taught psychiatry at, one whose name was whispered with a mixture of fear and hatred. But with Lilac, Susan had to try her very hardest not to let her voice crack when she next spoke.

“There’s no shame in unburdening yourself, sweetheart. Being able to talk about it is a feat in itself. I’m proud of what you did today.”

Yet Lilac still didn’t speak.

Wishing she could do more to help her patient, Susan continued, “You can only move on from here. You have your whole life ahead of you. The university you’ve been admitted to is fantastic. It’s---”

Lilac shook her head furiously. “I d-don’t t-think I’ll e-ever f-forget.”

“You don’t have to forget, Lilac.” Susan paused, knowing that what she was about to say went against all the ethical principles she stood for. But this was Lilac, and for this wonderful girl she would go the extra mile.

“One day, a man will come into your life. He’ll be the best thing that will ever happen to you and he’ll sweep you off your feet. He’ll make you feel alive and when you’re with him, you’ll know…” Susan smiled into Lilac’s eyes when her patient looked up in shock, as if unable to believe what she was hearing.

“There wouldn’t be a need to forget, only a need to make your heart bigger to fit in all the love that your other half has for you.”


Karla Niall Engaged to Shipping Tycoon Abraxas Davos

Nick Christakos sat alone on a couch of midnight black leather, a half-empty glass of whiskey in his hand as he contemplated the headlines that had turned his world upside down, forcing him to fly out to avoid vultures from the press. Because they would come, sooner than later, and he was not in the right frame of mind to stand in front them.

Men like him were supposed to be infallible. All the world knew that Nick and his brother were heirs to a billion-dollar trust fund.

In most people’s eyes, Nick was not supposed to care when his father had thrown his mother and brother out of their house, sentencing Nick to a brutal childhood in order to punish his unfaithful wife.

Because he lived the kind of lifestyle that rivaled royalty, Nick was also not supposed to care that a few years ago, his father had committed suicide once his second wife ran away with all his money.

Because he was the kind of man that made every woman’s fantasy came true, the kind who always made it to society and fashion magazine’s best-looking lists---someone like Nick Christakos should be able to shrug off the fact that the girl he had loved since he was sixteen was now engaged to a man twenty years his senior.

Maybe other people were right in thinking that he should not care, that he should think he was better off knowing now that the girl he loved was nothing but a bitch from hell.

Yet for Nick, the betrayal ran deep. Karla had been the only girl he trusted. He hadn’t just spilled his guts to her. She had been next to him when the Fates mercilessly exposed what became the ugliest truth of his existence.

“Do you think she’ll tell him everything?” his brother asked from the opposite side of the room.

“God help her if she does,” Nick said savagely before taking another swig of his whiskey.

Tonight was the only moment he’d allow himself to be weak. Tomorrow, he was determined to pretend, to don the cloak of icy imperviousness that only someone capable of tracing his lineage all the way to ancient Greek empires could effectively use. And while he waited for the furor to die down, he would just fuck his way to forgetting.

“This is for the best, Nick,” Jason advised grimly as he pressed the button to draw the blinds open. The darkness was too oppressive, and he didn’t want it reminding his brother of the hell he had once lived through.

Moonlight spilled into the room, which was palatial by anyone’s standards. It boasted panoramic glass walls, a scenic backdrop highlighting the raw beauty of their family’s private island – the only property his father’s irate creditors weren’t able to touch because it was also tied to their trust fund.

Nick downed another shot. His gaze was beginning to blur, but he refused to shut his eyes even for a moment. He knew if he did he would remember, but this time he would do so alone, with Karla no longer at his side.

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