Nick and Lilac

By: Marian Tee


He stopped dead in his tracks, and she bumped into him. He groaned, tipped her chin up, and took her lipsina rough kiss. After, he said tersely, “Now, don’t talk. Just one word and I swear I’ll be fucking you in the nearest restroom.”

Lilac was still wondering if she dared risk being fucked in the nearest restroom by the time they boarded a bullet train bound for Kyoto. She barely caught a glimpse of the extremely interesting interior of the train before Nick had pushed her inside a private cabin.

Baxter quickly pulled the door shut.


Nick whipped the sunglasses off her face. “Now,” he purred, “you can blink those eyes at me.”

And she didn’t mean to, but she did blink because she totally had no idea what was happening.

Nick groaned. “You really did fucking blink.”

In a second, he had her flat against the waist-high windows, breasts pressed flat against the glass as he pulled up the skirt of Lilac’s dress from behind. She gasped as he ripped her panties off. “This,” he told her thickly, “is why I asked you to wear a fucking skirt.”

She was wet already, and the sound of Nick unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants just made Lilac wetter.

Lilac moaned out loud when she felt the head of his cock against the moist entry of her pussy. “Nick.” She moaned his name, desire making her voice throaty.

“Getting fucked on a train.” His whisper next to her ear made Lilac’s entire body shudder. “Add this to your erotica.”

“Nick!” She wailed it out of embarrassment, but then his cock slid in and he started thrusting hard, one hand going under her blouse to cup her breast while another played with her clit. When she moaned his name again, it was for another reason entirely.

With one twist, he had his scarf unwound from his neck and he thrust it at Lilac. “Bite it, sweetheart---” Nick flipped her over to face him and then he deposited her on the cushion, bringing her legs up. He let his hands drift all over her legs, savoring its silky smoothness and then he caught sight of her stiletto-heeled boots – something he had begged her to wear just for today.

Nick swore. “Bite it now,” he told her harshly.

“I d-don’t need---”

He gripped her ankles, pushed her legs wide open and started fucking her. Hard.

Lilac hastily bit into his scarf and screamed.


Violet reluctantly rose from Park’s arms, reaching for her phone, which she had left right next to their futon. “I’m just worried,” she confessed. “Lilac is never late.”

“It’s a good thing she is,” he grunted to her. “Or she and Christakos would have caught you taking advantage of me in the fucking living room---”

Violet giggled. “I can’t help it. I just saw you in a yukata, and well---” Her eyes danced mischievously. “You know what that does to me.”

He snatched her back into his arms, depositing her on his lap. He dealt with her kimono quickly, caressing Violet’s beautiful bottom. “You can call her from here,” he told her huskily.

She pressed the speakerphone on when she heard the clicking sound that meant her call went through.

Voice mail message updated two hours ago.

This is Nick Christakos. You have reached my fiancée’s voice mail. If you are not Violet or her fiancé and you’re a man, then GET THE FUCK OFF THE PHONE BECAUSE THIS IS MY GIRL.

A struggle in the background, scraping sounds that indicated a tug-of-war between two persons over the phone.

And then---

A heartfelt moan.

End of message.

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