Nick and Lilac

By: Marian Tee

Too late, sweetheart, Nick thought. Her breasts were magnificently bountiful, very obvious even with the loose grandmother’s shirt she was wearing over brown leggings. Chuckling, he said teasingly, “See what you make me do if you continue to ignore me?”

Her doll eyes widened.

His cock swelled.

“Do you have any plans for today?” Nick hoped his words were enough to distract Lilac from the fact that he was again painfully aroused. It was too soon, and he didn’t want his pretty little lamb to run away scared.

Silence answered him, but this time Nick wasn’t bothered by it. He was already getting more attuned to the little nuances that revealed the real Lilac York behind her appallingly boring disguise. Right now, she was extremely nervous, made obvious by the way she was clenching and unclenching her fists on the sides.

Why, Lilac wondered anxiously, did Nick Christakos even care to ask what she did with the rest of her day? What kind of game was he playing?

“Lilac?” she heard Nick prod.

Trying to unknot her tongue without him noticing, she said slowly, “Yes. I have plans.”

“What is it?”


Nick flashed Lilac a smile. Ah, manari mou, did you really think that’s going to stop me from having you in my bed?

“Perfect then.”

Her eyes widened once more.

He almost laughed. But he decided to tease her further by swiftly taking hold of her hand and then pulling her with him, pretending he didn’t hear the way she quickly drew in several breaths. When she started to breathe more easily, Nick slowly caressed her knuckles, and Lilac started taking deep breaths once more.

But when he looked at her, she looked right back – and blinked curiously at him.

Nick laughed.

A confused frown marred her smooth forehead. What was so funny? When Nick’s laughter died down, she tried tugging her hand away but it was like trying to escape from steel cuffs. “Please…let me go.” It took everything in her not to stutter.

“No. I want you with me.”

Surely she hadn’t heard Nick Christakos say he wanted her with him? Frowning, Lilac asked in a perfectly polite voice, “Excuse me?”

He had an insane desire to laugh again. Any other girl would have been thrilled to hear those words from him, but Lilac York was acting like he had just spoken in Chinese. Even his security team was amused by it, if their hastily muffled coughs were any indication.

Nick tipped her chin, intending to tease her more, but when Lilac blinked at him again, Nick forgot whatever he was about to say. This close, her eyes were exquisite, and the way her lashes seemed to flutter was even more exquisitely…erotic.

Something primitive inside him burned and he bit out harshly, “Don’t ever do that in front other men.”

Another unintentional flutter of lashes followed, followed by a cute little frown. You are so peculiar, Lilac’s perplexed gaze seemed to say.

Nick scowled back. And you are too goddamn naïve for your hot body to remain untouched. He hoped that was what his scowl said, but even if it did he doubted Lilac would have understood. She was just too innocent, and the thought of having her blink those doll eyes up close at another man was a fucking nightmarish vision he didn’t want to become reality.

He turned to his head of security, uttered a command in Greek, and in seconds he had one of his spare pairs of aviator glasses handed to him. He always had spares for everything. It was one of the perks of his wealth, and right now it was a perk he was goddamn grateful for.

Before Lilac knew what Nick was doing, he had already slapped a pair of glasses on her face.

She automatically adjusted the dark designer sunglasses perched on her nose even as she asked in a bemused tone, “What…is this for?”

“The sun,” Nick answered curtly. “I don’t want it to hurt your eyes.”

Lilac opened her mouth to answer before thinking better of it. She shut her mouth again, feeling it was the lesser of two evils. Arguing with an arrogant billionaire over a pair of sunglasses just wasn’t worth it.

Satisfied that Lilac wasn’t going to argue, he made an effort to soften his voice as he asked, “Shall we go?” Lilac opened her mouth again, and this time Nick knew she was going to argue. “Never mind,” he told her. “It wasn’t a question.”

Before she knew it, Nick’s security team had swiftly cleared a path for them, and Lilac did her best to ignore the way all the other students were so obviously gossiping about them. Did they notice how impervious Nick was to their gawking eyes as he walked past them? He acted as if he knew he was worth staring at – and he wasn’t even going to bother pretending he wasn’t aware of it.

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