Lone Star Seduction

By: Day Leclaire

Alex cut him off without compunction. “I don’t care what you think or what you’re sure of or not sure of. I will speak to Huntington. Deal with Gentry as you wish. Perhaps you can squeeze the truth out of him. If he points the finger at Rebecca’s father, then you may choose how to handle it. I, for one, have no qualms about seeing both Gentry and Huntington locked up for the rest of their miserable lives.”

“Regardless of what it’ll do to Rebecca?” Lance asked.

Alex leaned across the table toward him, his gaze implacable. “He gave no thought to what it would do to the lives of my mother and sister when he threw us off his ranch. All because I had the temerity to fall in love with his daughter. As far as I’m concerned, my mother’s death is a direct result of that man’s actions. So, no. I’m not too concerned about Rebecca’s feelings when I see to it that her bastard of a father is thrown in jail.” He’d had enough. More than enough. He shoved back his chair and stood. “Are we finished here? If so, I have pressing business to attend to.”

It was business that would eventually return him to Rebecca’s orbit. As he left the meeting room, he glanced toward the café. She was still there, sitting with Kate and picking at her food.

She’d worn her hair up today, piling all that fire and glitter into an elegant little knot on top of her head. Did she have any idea what that hairstyle did to a man? She had a redhead’s complexion, her skin the exact shade of rich cream. And her hairstyle exposed the creamy length of her throat and vulnerable nape of her neck to his gaze. When they’d collided earlier, it had taken every bit of control not to feather his fingers along that throat. To restrain from cupping the back of her neck and urging her upward so he could sample her lush mouth and discover if it still tasted as sweet. To watch those witch-green eyes go slumberous with passion.

As much as he despised the woman—as much as Rebecca Huntington had made his life a living hell—he still wanted her. And somehow, someway, he’d have her.

Only this time, it would be on his terms.


Rebecca had planned to question her father at dinner that night. But when she entered the dining room, the housekeeper, Louise, informed her that he was dining with his cronies. It seemed ridiculous to eat in solitary splendor, but since the table had been set and the food prepared, there wasn’t much she could do except enjoy the lovely meal that had been prepared for her.

Shortly after nine, Louise appeared in the doorway of the library where Rebecca was curled up reading. “There’s a visitor to see Mr. Huntington. When I informed him that your father was out for the evening, he insisted on speaking to you.”

Alex stepped around Louise and entered the library. “Thank you, I’ll take it from here.”

Rebecca shot to her feet, her book bouncing onto the floor. Louise stared wide-eyed from one to the other. Clearly, she’d heard the whispers regarding their romantic history and didn’t know how to respond. “I’ll deal with Mr. Montoya,” Rebecca informed the housekeeper.

Alex waited until the door closed behind the woman before bending over and picking up Rebecca’s book. He gave the cover a cursory glance before handing it over. “You always did enjoy science fiction.”

She didn’t bother with the niceties. Instead, she cut straight to business. “Why are you here? Louise said you wanted to speak to Dad.”

“Texas Cattleman’s Club business. Rather urgent business. Is he really gone, or am I simply persona non grata?”

“Both, actually.”

He absorbed that with a smile. “When do you expect him?”

Dread gripped her. This must be about the meeting at TCC and the account discrepancy Kate mentioned. Rebecca had called her friend after dinner hoping to get an update, but had been forced to leave a voice mail. Now she wondered if there was a reason Kate elected not to take the call.

She faced Alex with what she hoped was a serene expression. Realizing that he was still waiting for a response, she shrugged. “Dad didn’t say when he’d return. Perhaps if you phone him in the morning?”

He laughed. “Get real, Becca. He’d never take the call. I’ll wait until he returns. I’m sure you don’t mind.”

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