Lone Star Seduction

By: Day Leclaire

His hands stroked upward until they closed over her unfettered breasts, cupping the weight of them in his palms. “I could never get over the softness of your skin. It feels like velvet. But when I look at it… I swear, it’s paler than moonbeams.”

His thumbs drifted across the tips of her breasts in a tantalizing circle and the softest of moans escaped her. She couldn’t help herself. She cupped his face, tracing the elegant contours. Sweeping cheekbones above shallow hollows. A wide mouth that begged to be kissed, framed by deep brackets of painful experience. A squared jaw with just the shadow of an indent, one she’d traced with her index finger on countless occasions.

She slid her hands into his hair to anchor him in place, taking private delight in gaining control of the embrace. Lifting upward, she nibbled at his lips, teasing at them until he groaned and sank back against her. She parted her legs to give him more room, running her bare foot along his calf, secretly amused as she pressed a series of wrinkles into the crisp material of his trouser leg. She wanted to take the urbane businessman and strip away the outer layer of sophistication, to reduce him to that elemental core that made him so unique and distinctive. To find again the pure masculine essence of the man she’d fallen in love with.

It was a moment out of time. A moment of indulgence. A moment that came to a shocking end when the door to the library slammed open against the wall.

“What the hell is going on?” Sebastian Huntington demanded.

Her father’s arrival snapped her out of her sensual haze as effectively as a hypnotist snapping his subject out of a trance. She knew there was no point in trying to shove Alex off her. For one thing, he was far too heavy and strong, particularly if he had no intention of getting off—which she suspected was true in this case. Plus, the damage had been done.

Alex glanced across the room at her father and bared his teeth in a wolfish smile. “You’re interrupting a private moment,” he said. “Next time, you might consider knocking before you barge in.”

Sebastian stared, stunned. “It…it’s my house,” he sputtered in protest. “I don’t have to knock to enter a room in my own house.”

“You do if you want to avoid scenes like this.” Alex levered himself off Rebecca and shoved his hands through the hair she’d taken such delight in rumpling. Then he held out his hand and helped her escape the embrace of the sofa cushions. He took his time buttoning his shirt and tucking it into his trousers. He didn’t bother to adjust his tie, but left it dangling. “I see you’re still as arrogant as ever, Huntington. Let’s see how long that lasts.”

“Alex,” Rebecca attempted to intercede.

He simply shook his head. “This doesn’t involve you, Becca.”


He shot her a single look and she fell silent. Unfortunately, he was right. This was none of her business, other than the fact that her father was somehow involved. She wasn’t privy to whatever information he had about the missing money, or what mistakes might have occurred that led Alex to believe her father had committed the crime. But she could stand beside her father and support him while he cleared up the misunderstanding.

“What are you doing here?” Sebastian demanded. He shot Rebecca a look of intense rebuke. “Other than attacking my daughter.”

“Is that how it looked to you?” A genuine grin broke across Alex’s face. “Well, whatever allows you to sleep at night.”

Dull color crept up the older man’s cheekbones. “I repeat. Why are you here?”

“I’ve been asked to come. The board of the TCC requested it.”

To Rebecca’s horror, every scrap of color drained from her father’s face. His jaw worked for a moment before he managed to say, “I don’t believe you.”

“Discrepancies have been discovered in the club’s financial accounts. Checks have been paid out to at least one bogus company.” His mouth took on a taunting slant. “Checks you endorsed.”

Sebastian’s hands clenched into fists. “The only checks I’ve written have been in response to legitimate billing statements.”

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