Kitchen Affairs

By: Brooke Cumberland

I noticed Molly right away and I know she spotted me. Her eyes grew big as I winked and smiled at her. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer casually pretending that it’s my ritual. Within a few minutes, Molly exited the bar and I’m left wondering if she left on my expense. Not giving her much time to get too far, I quickly left the bar behind her.

I stayed my distance so she didn’t feel me walking behind her. I noticed the cab she flagged down and waved to my driver to leave. He nodded and put his turn signal on to pull out into traffic. I caught up to Molly just in time for her to trip as she reached for the handle. I smiled to myself as I realized she was quite the klutz.

My heart raced as she thanked me not realizing who I was yet. She turned around and was slapped in the face by her scent again. I closed my eyes for a split second as I stabled her taking it all in. I took the opportunity and slid into the cab with her, taking her by surprise. She didn’t realize it but she accidentally kicked her purse over allowing her wallet to fall out on the floor. I didn’t mention it to her as I ceased the potential opportunity to see her again.

The moment she walked out of the cab, I spotted her wallet again and thought of a way to give it back to her. It needed to be different this time; a way she couldn’t say no. If she would just give herself the opportunity to let me in, I was positive she wouldn’t regret it.

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