Kitchen Affairs

By: Brooke Cumberland

Proud of our accomplishment we decided to grab a drink after class. I quickly text Michael to make sure he could pick Stella up at 3:45. I needed some sort of social life considering I only socialized with a four-year-old and my roommate, who was often busy writing or hooking up.

Michael had been my lifesaver ever since Liam’s death. He would come over and lay with me in bed while I cried myself to sleep and get up with Stella to feed or change her. There were days I could hardly get out of bed, and Michael never complained or rushed me to ‘get over it’. He would bring Stella in bed with me and let me snuggle her until we both fell asleep. I would wake up hours later with Michael putting her back in her crib or staying up to play with her. If it weren’t for Michael, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

“Where to Blakely?” I asked the other woman in our group who was leading us down to a tavern I didn’t recognize. She was in her early twenties with beautiful, thick blonde hair that swept her shoulder blades. She was extremely chatty but sweet.

The last girlfriends I had were during my first year of high school. It was before I met Liam and I was still doing gymnastics on the weekends. We used to try on each other’s clothes and walk to the mall after school. I haven’t had girlfriend socialization since Liam and I got serious sophomore year.

“To kicking ass on our second day!” Brad cheered with his beer held high. The rest of us clinked our glasses together and took a drink. Brad was next to the other two men in our group checking the game while Blakely and I stayed in the booth gossiping.

“So who do you think has the best ass?” Blakely asked me as we watched the men bend over the bar. Well, she’s blunt.

I laughed at her forwardness. She seemed like she probably enjoyed living the single life. She was beautiful after all, but I sensed she had a low self-esteem. I sensed being used for sex was probably the result of that.

“Hmm… Brad has a hot body, but Anthony has a pretty fine ass,” I responded giggling like this conversation was just ridiculous.

“I don’t know. Micah is pretty hot,” Blakely said while licking her lips enjoying the view in front of us. Hmm… I bet she’s enjoying the eye candy.

We continued drinking and laughing when I saw out of the corner of my eye the tavern door open. A tall, stunning Drake Stagliano stepped in looking completely out of place. I stopped laughing, and my mouth dropped opened. I was speechless. Blakely noticed my sudden mood change and quickly turned around to see the handsome figure sit at the bar. Her mouth dropped as she turned to look at me.

“Ohhhhhhmiiiiigooooood,” Blakely whispered to me with wide eyes. Obviously, she noticed him. This should be interesting. Why would he be here, in this tavern?

“Oh dear god….” I mumbled back to Blakely trying to hide my blushed cheeks.

“Isn’t he dreamy? No wonder every girl wants a piece of his fine ass. I mean seriously, how much would it cost to have him for one night?” Blakely blurted out loud, unsure if she was speaking to me.

I spewed my beer out as she continued talking about him and wanting to take him home. “Oh my god, Blakely!”

If she only knew…

“What? Don’t pretend you don’t see what I see, Molly. That man is gorgeous!” she heckled biting her lip, continuing to drool over him. She has a point.

“Obviously, the man is good looking,” I admitted rolling my eyes. “But I’m sure his ego is big enough that you don’t have to keep staring,” I interrupted as she didn’t realize she was still eyeing him.

Brad, Micah, and Anthony walked back to the booth, and Brad squeezed in next to me. He casually wrapped his arm around me and took a swig of his beer laughing with the other guys. He squeezed my shoulder as he smiled down at me. This is uncomfortable. And awkward.

I rolled my eyes at Blakely as she winked at me. Brad was a nice looking guy and he had a beautiful smile, but him sitting so close to me was incredibly unnerving. I could only imagine how we looked from afar; like a couple. I tried to wedge out of his grip, but he pulled me in tighter as he was laughing at a joke.

I looked up at him while he spoke casually glancing to see if Drake was looking at me. His eyes caught mine, and he raised his eyebrows at me and winked. I looked away knowing I needed to leave before this got any weirder.

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