Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

“I wanted to come see you this afternoon, but you was wit’ yo’ girl, Bianca,” he said.

“Why didn’t you say something, then? We were almost done with lunch when you called.”

He ignored her question and said, “Bianca is cool and everything, but on the real, though, she got a big ass mouth. I heard she fuckin’ TJ…I went to school wit’ his brotha. Maybe that dude will shut her the fuck up and keep her ass in check.”

“You know that Bianca doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone when you met her,” I said, laughing at Anthony’s comment.

Maybe TJ was what Bianca needed. She always expected the worst out of men she dated, but she did seem a little optimistic at lunch today when they were talking about him.

“It’s certain things and opinions she can keep to her damn self, though,” Anthony said.

“I agree.”

“So, what you doing anyway?”

“Gettin’ ready for bed.”

“Oh, for real…what you got on?”

“Those sexy pajamas you bought me a while back.” She reached for the silk head wrap on her night stand and began tying the wrap around her head. Annette hated to sleep without her hair being tied up at night. That way, in the morning, she wouldn’t have to do so much work to get the straight and sleek style that she sported so much.

“Oh, yeah…I remember the ones. The ones that’s so tight that your sexy little ass cheeks be hangin’ out of them.”

“Yeah, those ones.”

“Can I come by and see?” he asked.

“I wish you could, Anthony, but you know I got to get up early in the morning and do some payroll work at this company. And it’s nearly past midnight.”

Anthony sucked his teeth. “You done got my dick hard and shit.”

“I’m sorry, baby. But I promise, when I get off from work, I’ll come see you.”

“A’ight. You better not forget,” he teased. “You got me wanting to get off in that every night.”

And maybe you could if you chose me over your friends sometimes, she wanted to say.

“I won’t forget. I’ll be thinking about it all day…”

“A’ight, homegirl. Let me go. I’m getting ready to stop by Leroy’s and have a drink.”

Chapter 4

“Girl, this club is packed!” Denise said, as the door greeter gave them wristbands, indicating that they were paid guests and allowed in VIP. It was Saturday, the night of Leroy’s birthday party. Anthony had thrown him a “surprise” twenty-fifth birthday party and invited all of their close friends and other people they acquainted with on a regular basis to celebrate. The main level of the club was extremely packed. It was so packed that she and Denise had to throw a few elbows to get through the crowd. They headed towards the second level where the party would be held. The second level was almost the same size as the main level and it had it’s own bar and dance floor. Both floors shared the same DJ.

As they neared the stairs leading to the second level, Annette could already see that it was packed as well. It was so packed that she could hardly make out any familiar faces. Anthony was more than likely already seated at a booth. He usually did any promoting he had to do before things got heated up and right after the club let out. He kept a low profile at other times. They finally reached the stairs where a few people were waiting in line to be verified by the color wristband they wore. The bouncer only took one look at Annette and she and Denise were on their way up the stairs.

For some reason, Annette felt like looking extra good for this event. She was decked out in all black, which complimented her long straight jet-black hair. She wore a black fitted shirt dress that accentuated all her sensuous curves and what she and Bianca called stripper shoes. The stilettos were four inches high and the adjoining straps were crisscrossed up to her lower calves. A platinum necklace with a black onyx embedded in the center adorned her neck, with earrings and bangles to match. When she made her entrance, she knew that she was rocking it because she had almost every man’s and woman’s attention. Denise was fly as well, rocking tight low rise jeans with her assets peeking out at the top, an almost see through mess gold top, and gold stiletto heels similar to Annette’s. Annette knew that Anthony wouldn’t approve of her coming out like this because he knew that she would get men’s attention. Sometimes, it didn’t matter what Annette wore or how hard she tried to tone herself down, she always got overly suggestive looks from at least a few other ballers.

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