Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

“Anthony still lives with his daddy and he ain’t even paying rent there. Hell yeah he would have money if he lived rent-free and all he has to worry about is which club he gon’ be at that night,” Bianca snapped.

“Actually, Bianca,” I said, rolling my eyes. “He pays rent every two months for that guest house. And he works part time at the radio station, right, Denise?” Bianca was my best friend and all, but Annette was tired of her bad mouthing her man.

Denise nodded. “Yeah, he does. But he works the evening shift, so we don’t see each other that much.”

“I’m just sayin’…if I lived with my parents and all I had to do was support a hobby like him, then I would have money to spend like that, too.”

Bianca was not going to let it go, so Annette changed the subject. “Bianca, how was your date with TJ? Didn’t you go out with him on Sunday again?”

“Yeah, he’s pretty cool. I might need to hold on to him, though. He got a BMW that looks almost something like yours, Annette. But, he said something about his cousin owning a dealership, so it may be rented or something.”

“Rent or own…it’s still a BMW,” Denise chimed in.

Annette’s cell phone chimed, letting her know that she had a text message.

Anthony: WHERE YOU AT?

She smiled and started text messaging him back without looking up.

“That must be him now,” Bianca mumbled out loud to Denise.

“It is,” Anette said, sticking her tongue out. Bianca rolled her eyes, picked up her sandwich, and bit into it.



Anthony always wanted to know who, what, when, where, and why when she was out doing something without him, but he never told her anything about who, what, when, where, and why when he was out.


Annette phone rang after she sent the last message and she picked up. “Yeah?” She already knew it was Anthony and what he was going to say.

“What did I tell you about hanging out with Bianca?” he said.

Without looking up from the phone, she said, “We really don’t need to be having this conversation right now.” She had not told Bianca that Anthony no longer wanted them to be friends. She also hadn’t told Anthony that Bianca still held a grudge against him.

“A’ight…well, we’ll talk about that later.” Before she could open her mouth to ask him where he was, he hung up the phone. What was the big deal? It wasn’t like he had to be friends with or approve of Bianca just because she was best friends with her.

“What time do I need to meet y’all at the club next Saturday?” Denise asked.

“I might be there around nine o’ clock, but I’m meeting up with TJ, so I don’t know,” Bianca said.

“Denise, why don’t you meet me at my house? Or else, you’re gonna have to wait until either me or Bianca get there, so you can get upstairs to the VIP section. Anthony rented out that whole top floor for Leroy’s birthday party.” Annette knew that Denise didn’t have a VIP pass and wasn’t well known at the club. She wouldn’t be able to get in unless she had the pass or came with someone with one. Almost everyone working at the club knew Anthony because he was a regular there. And they also knew that Anthony and Annette were an item. Anthony had brought that club plenty of business over the past year, so he and the owners were pretty cool with each other. Not a month went by that Anthony didn’t have a party at that club.

“I’ll come to your house, Annette. Is eight okay?”

They finished up the rest of their lunches before heading their separate ways.

* * *

Her cell phone finally rang again around midnight. She didn’t expect Anthony to call her any sooner than that. Most of the time Anthony spent his nights at the studio.

“Hey, you,” she answered the phone.

“What’s up? I see where you called me earlier tonight, but you know how studio time goes.”

Right, you had to pay for your time and every minute of time lost is money lost.

“I know…I just didn’t know that you were at the studio tonight.”

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