Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

“Are you still going to move out of your dad’s guesthouse?” she asked.

Anthony had moved back into his dad’s guesthouse after he graduated college and left the college campus. He still paid monthly rent to his dad for the use of the space. Every time she visited Anthony there, his crib reminded her of an efficiency apartment, only it was a lot bigger and the only bedroom and bathroom was on the second level, almost like a loft.

“Yeah, why?” he asked.

“Are you looking anywhere right now?” When Anthony had first mentioned that he wanted to move out of his dad’s house, she had asked him if he considered living with her. She knew that old-fashioned her aunt would be against “shacking up”, but at this point in their relationship, she felt that it really didn’t even matter. They spent the night over at each other’s house whenever they could and after giving Anthony two years of her life, she really didn’t see breaking up. As far as she was concerned, she was in this relationship for the long run. His reply back then was, “I might.”

“Well, you know Leroy’s lease is almost up with his roommate, so we might go half on a condo or something like that.”

She tried to hide her disappointment. She wasn’t surprised that Anthony would want to move in with his best friend since high school over her, his girlfriend of two years.

“Well, you know my lease is month to month so I can get out anytime,” she said.

The waitress brought their drinks and appetizers to the table and asked them for their entrée orders. She decided to dismiss the subject, but made a point to address the issue again. It was time that she told Anthony what was on her mind.

Chapter 3

Annette, Bianca, and Denise were sitting outside on the patio at a deli located across the street from the hair dresser’s shop and nail salon that they had just pampered themselves at getting their hair done, manicures, and pedicures.

Annette met Denise Brown at the radio station where she interned at during college. Denise worked at the radio station full time as an accountant. She and Denise were never as close as she and Bianca, but they always kept in touch and went out to lunch at least once every blue moon.

“Annette, I forgot to tell you the other day that they have an opening in our department for staff accountant. I can put in a good word for you with my manager,” Denise said, squeezing a packet of ranch dressing over her salad.

“Denise, you know that I left there the first time because I didn’t get along with Ted. I just can’t see myself working there again.”

Annette had quit her internship when she and the office manager, Ted, got into it about how she did her work. Ted had a very military-like management style that she couldn’t identify with. So, when he started constantly making a fuss about her taking fifteen-and-a-half minute breaks instead of fifteen-minute breaks and going to his superiors about how she was always out of place by pointing out all the errors that he was making in his reports, she politely resigned. Ted wanted everyone to be perfect, but he was far from it.

“Ted doesn’t work in that area anymore. We have a new manager and she’s a lot nicer.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m on with a temporary agency doing accounting and bookkeeping here and there. They really like my work, so every time an assignment comes up, they usually include me on the first to call list,” she said, stirring the ice around in her glass of peach raspberry iced tea. “Besides, I like working on contract. Most of the work is temp to perm, so I can almost test out the company every time before I decide that I want to apply for a full time job there or not.”

“That could be a good thing for you,” Denise replied.

“What about that job you were on last week,” Bianca asked. “I thought you said they offered you a full time position in their accounting department.”

“They did. But they wanted to pay me much less than what I would get if I stayed temp.”

“You are just too picky!” Bianca frowned.

“I know,” she agreed. “But one day I’ll find my dream job.”

“Now, I know why you and Anthony were meant for each other.” Denise smiled. “You two are the only people I know without a full time job, but you always live like you make big money.”

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