Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

“Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe you remembered!”

She smiled as they walked to their tables. What she liked about this place is that it had a nice, calm atmosphere like a bar or nightclub, but the staff still serviced the customer’s as if they were at a gourmet restaurant. They picked a table near the back, where it was dimly lit so that they could have their privacy. She slid in the booth and Anthony sat on the same side beside her. After taking their orders for drinks and appetizers, the waitress walked away.

“See, you always say I never take you anywhere besides the movies.”

“Baby, this is so nice. I can’t remember the last time we spent almost the whole evening together.”

“You know that I’m busy, Shorty. I got to keep makin’ this paper or I won’t be able to take you anywhere. Then you’d be callin’ me a damn scrub,” he said, leaning both his arms and the back of the booth.

Annette hated when Anthony called her Shorty, or any other male for that matter. Annette stood five feet seven inches and she didn’t consider that short.

“I would never call you a scrub. Me and you have been down for a while now. That would be wrong for me to leave you hangin’ just cause you ain’t got no money.” She really meant that. If Anthony was dead broke, then she would love him anyway.

“That’s why you gon’ always be my homegirl.”

Annette scrunched up her nose when Anthony wasn’t looking. Was he really serious? They had been together for two years now and he still wanted her to be his homegirl. She just couldn’t imagine ten years later that she would still be walking around on Anthony’s arm as his homegirl.

“I need to go to the bathroom for a second. Be right back,” he mumbled and got up.

“All right.”

She and Anthony met when they were both working as interns at a radio station. She was working in the accounting department at the time and he was working in promotions and marketing. They first saw each other at an annual employee’s meeting. It wasn’t love at first sight for her, but Annette had him hooked that day when she showed up at the meeting fashionably late one evening. She had just arrived after doing a fashion show for one of her friends in college who worked at a design company. With only a tight red satin blouse, skin tight Gucci jeans, and red patent leather boots with four inch heels on, almost every man in the room turned to look at her when she bust in the door, fifteen minutes into the meeting. She had blurted out an apology for being late and took one of the only few seats near the back. She hadn’t paid attention to who she had sat next to until she heard Anthony’s soft sexy voice. “What’s up, homegirl?” he had said. She had scrunched up her face at him and simply replied, “Hey.” All throughout the meeting, she could feel his eyes undressing her. When the meeting was over, she jumped up and before he could say anything else, she walked away. She didn’t look back, but she knew that he was trying to follow her out the door. When she did finally look back before turning the corner, someone had stopped him in the hallway to talk. He was talking to the lady, but both sets of eyes were on her. She gave him a small grin and exited the building.

Two weeks later, they would meet again at the employee Christmas party. It was held at a big mansion owned by one of the managers. She hadn’t even noticed him until he sauntered over while she was talking and laughing with three other girls and interrupted their conversation.

“Hey, Priscilla. Denise. How you been, Amanda?” He knew all of their names. When he turned to her and said, “What’s up, Annette?”, she was surprised. How did he know her name? She didn’t know him like that.

“Anthony! How you been?” Amanda stepped forward and moved closer to Anthony. The look in her eyes told everyone that she was into Anthony.

“You know me…workin’…gettin’ money…havin’ fun.”

“You been havin’ anymore private parties at the club, lately?”

“Yeah. There’s one this weekend at Club Scarlet. You comin’ out there?”

“If you want me to…” Amanda’s tone was suggestive.

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