Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

He moaned.

She bent her head and took him into her mouth and began sucking him off while still stroking him with her hand.

“Oooooh, shit…just like that…” he instructed.

She looked up and glanced in his eyes and watched him watching her suck him off. Just as she thought he was so hard that he would burst, she could feel his dick become extra hard under her tongue.

“Go all the way down, baby…” he said.

Annette had never deep-throated his dick and he knew that she couldn’t do it, yet, every time she went down on him, he asked for it. She went down just a little further, but stopped when she felt that she wanted to gag. Suddenly, he pulled her mouth off his dick and got up.

“Get on the bed and open your legs for me,” he demanded.

Annette did exactly as he said, sitting on the edge of the bed, and opening her legs up for him. He fingered her clit, making her moan. He stuck two fingers into her warm wet pussy. “You ready for daddy dick?”

“Oh, yes…” she replied.

He removed his fingers and to her surprise, bent down between her legs and took her clit into his mouth. Anthony didn’t like to go down, but when he did she absolutely loved it. It made her feel good and got her juices flowing so her pussy would be ready for him. He sucked on her clit for a couple seconds until her pussy was wet enough for penetration, and then inserted his dick into her in one quick thrust that she almost screamed out and bucked off the bed.

“Oh, Anthony…”

“I…been…thinking about…this…pussy…all…day…long,” he said, pausing to catch is breath after each thrust.

He was fucking her like he hadn’t busted a nut in a long time. Damn! It had only been two days and he was acting like he hadn’t had pussy in weeks. He grabbed her feet and pulled her legs all the way up and fucked her good, touching her g-spot with each long, slow thrust.

“Ooooo, baby, if you keep doing that I’m gonna come,” Annette moaned.

He fucked her harder and harder until an orgasm shook her body and she screamed out his name. Then, she felt him stiffen as he bust the nut that he had been anticipating so much.

“Shit, baby, you got some good ass pussy!” He pulled out of her and as she expected went to her bathroom to clean up.

Even though, it was a five-minute quickie, Annette was satisfied anyway that she had pleased her man.

Chapter 2

They had been in the mall for what seemed like hours walking around and shopping. Now, she and Anthony were in a hat shop. After telling the sales associate, which colors and size hats he wanted, they waited by the register as the man went to the back to get the specific hat styles and sizes that Anthony requested. Anthony always had to be wearing the latest style, so he frequented the mall every week. And he also liked for Annette to look fly, as well, which was confirmed by just looking at the bags in both their hands. Anthony had bought Annette at least four outfits and two pairs of shoes from each one of her favorite department stores. He had also purchased two pairs of Jordan’s for himself.

“Where do you wanna go after this, baby?” he asked, leaning against the sales counter and checking something on his smartphone at the same time.

“I don’t know…didn’t you say it was a surprise?”

“I did…I wanted to see if you had somewhere you wanted to go in particular first.”

“Well, what did you have in mind?” she asked, smiling at him, hoping that he would let her in on his little surprise.

“You’ll see,” he said, just as the sales representative came back with a few hats. Anthony pulled out a wad of cash to pay for his purchases and they were on their way again.

When Anthony pulled up at the lounge and restaurant where they went on their very first date together, she was very surprised. This was not like Anthony to be so thoughtful and romantic. Anthony’s idea of a romantic date was catching a new release at the movie theatres. They had gone to almost every new release together. They went to the same theatre so much that everyone knew them as a couple. They loved Anthony because he was always outgoing and so talkative. Even though he put up a front with his hardcore, bad boy, thug attitude, Anthony was very down to earth in person. That personality was what attracted Annette to Jordan in the beginning.

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