Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

“Yes, I did.” She met Jordan’s eyes.

“I meant it too.” Jordan took her hand, the one with the ring on it.

“Do you mind me asking when did you get this?”

“I bought the ring a few days after we returned from Biker’s Week. What? You don’t like it? We can get another if you don’t like it.”

“I love it. It’s beautiful. I can’t believe you had this ring that long and didn’t say anything.”

“You’re right. I should have said something the day I bought it. I never planned to wait this long to ask you.”

At that moment, Troy came back down the stairs, with his keys and motorcycle helmet, talking it up on the cell phone. “Yeah, man…can you believe it…yeah, I’m trying to figure out what street corner I can find the devil with the free chocolate ice cream cones, dawg…uh-huh…” Troy took one last look at them, shook his head, and closed the door behind him.

“What do we do now?” Annette said.

Jordan cleared his throat nervously. “I’ve never done this before, but…I think we should set a date and tell everyone.”

Annette smiled. “I’ve never done this before either, but I think you’re right.”

He leaned in to kiss her. “Thanks for not laughing at me.”

“I would never laugh at you. This is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me. I was so surprised.”

“I love it when you’re happy.”

“But your breath does smell like onions,” Annette whispered. They burst out laughing.

“So does yours.” He took her lips again in a kiss.

As always, their kissing turned into a heated tongue war. Somehow, she had ended up in his lap straddling him. His hands were under her short mini skirt, kneading her ass.

“Your panties?” Jordan raised his eyebrows.

“I didn’t bring enough pairs in my overnight bag yesterday,” Annette shrugged.

“You’re sexy. I wouldn’t care if you didn’t ever wear panties. That way I can just lift up your skirt and make love to you when I want to. Just like I am about to do right now.” He bunched up her skirt around her waist and reached under her and fingered her clit.

Annette moaned and moved her pelvis against his fingers. He slipped his jogging pants down just enough so that his erection popped out. It looked so good and was standing at full attention. All Annette had to do was sit on his dick and she would be rocking and rolling herself to ecstasy.

“Is everyone gone?” Annette didn’t want to risk someone walking in on them humping and pumping on the couch. Of course, she knew that Jordan didn’t really give a damn who saw them.

“They’re all at work.”

Annette lifted herself and they both groaned as she sat down on his erection. They kissed each other for a moment without even moving.

“Pretty soon we won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone, because we’ll have our own house,” Jordan said.

“Our own house?”

“Yes, our house,” Jordan nodded, grabbing her waist and helping her as she move up and down over his erection.

“Will we have a headboard on our bed just like the one you have now?” She gyrated her hips, moving slowly.

“Yes, we will. We’ll go buy the biggest headboard in the store, and then we’ll test it out and wake up the whole goddamn neighborhood.”

“I can hardly wait.”

“Anything for you, baby.” Jordan was kissing her neck. “Anything…just as long as you’re happy.”

“What about you? I want to make you happy, too.” Annette was increasing her speed on his erection.

“I’m happy right now, baby. Right here, right now.”

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