Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black

Annette and Denise pushed their way through the crowd, ignoring the looks and advances from some men along the way and finally reached a large booth seat in the back shaped like a half circle. She smiled when she saw Anthony seated there with a few other close friends. Leroy was seated next to him with his date for the night. TJ and Bianca were seated on the far left corner engrossed in conversation. A few other people she didn’t recognize were also seated, too, talking and laughing over the blaring hip hop music. Anthony stopped talking when he spotted her and suddenly all eyes were on her and Denise. She walked over to him, with Denise at her heels.

“Hey, you,” Annette said, smiling, sweetly.

The look on his face told her everything that he was thinking. Annette loved the way that he still got mesmerized by her looks after two years.

“Hey, homegirl, sit down.”

“You know Denise,” she said, gesturing to Denise, before sitting down.

Leroy had scooted over to make a space for Denise beside her.

“What’s up, Denise.” Anthony nodded towards her.

“Hey, Denise.” Leroy was giving her the once over, making his date frown.

At the same moment, Bianca had spotted her and Denise. Annette smiled and waved her hands. Bianca reciprocated the gesture, smiling, and whispered something to TJ, pointing towards her and Denise.

The music was loud and Annette wasn’t about to hear ten conversations at once, so she turned her Attention to Anthony. “You got all your promoting done, baby?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I handed out some demos in the parking lot. I got some of my people handing out flyers outside and downstairs, too.”

“That’s good, baby,” She looked at the small bottle of Ciroc beside him and saw that it was almost half empty. “Are you drunk?”

“Yes, baby, I am fucked up,” he said. Suddenly, she could see that his eyelids were a little heavier than usual. She hoped that he didn’t get too wasted tonight because he didn’t handle his liquor too well and sometimes didn’t know how to act.

“Hope you didn’t drive…” she said.

“No, I’m going home with you tonight,” he said, giving her a kiss on the neck.

“All right. Whatever.” At that moment, a guy that Annette didn’t know, walked up to Anthony, gave him daps, and they began talking. She turned her attention away and back towards Denise beside her. Apparently, Leroy’s date had gotten up because Leroy was chatting with her.

“I heard that you still work over at the radio station with Anthony,” he said to Denise. Leroy’s eyes were glazed over, as well. It looked like he was high on something and his slurred speech indicated that he was clearly inebriated. His eyes were all over Denise.

“Yeah.” From the look on Denise’s face, Annette could tell that Denise was not interested. Leroy wasn’t Denise’s type. As a matter of fact, Denise had confided in her that she was only interested in dating men at least five years older than her.

“So, you drinking tonight or not? I got you, Shorty,” Leroy said to Denise.

Leroy and Anthony apparently rubbed off on each other too much. Maybe she would have to live the rest of her life hearing men refer to women as “Shorty”.

“Naw…I’m good. It’s too early. But, thanks, anyway.” Denise politely turned him down.

Annette smiled. Leroy was cute and had plenty of girls at his beck and call, but obviously Denise wasn’t too delighted.

Denise leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I see something I like across the room.” She nodded towards a group of men standing over a table. “I think I know the guy in the black jeans.”

Annette smiled back at her. “Well, go get him, girl.” She watched as Denise got up and switched over to the other side of the room.

“What? Your friend think she too good or something?” Leroy had waited until Denise was out of sight to comment on her departure.

Annette sucked her teeth. “Leroy, you must be think that somebody is crazy. Didn’t you bring your date here, tonight?”

“Yeah, but that hoe been complaining all night about how she hot and shit!”

“Well, I’m pretty sure you won’t have a hard time finding someone else with all these other girls in here. It is your party, remember?”

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