The Billionaire

By: Jordan Silver

“Of course Mr. Thorpe I understand; and will you be needing me to reschedule or will you choose a time and place?” We headed back to our cars while I looked back over my shoulder at this last place, not bad, not bad at all. I could see her in a place like this. “Why don’t I give you a call when it’s convenient?” She nodded her assent and I split off and headed for the limo to head back to the office. I had a lot of work on my desk to take care of, some of it I’d left unattended because I’d been too preoccupied. Now that I’d start the ball rolling I could relax and breathe a little easier. Soon I will start my courtship, fuck I’ve never courted anyone in my life. Too fucking jaded even at a young age. I’m sure I’d figure it out. With her it seems all I have to do is go with the gut. And my gut was telling me to spoil the fuck out of her.

At lunchtime I made my excuses and headed for her tree, today I will be bringing her lunch.

I didn't even want to think about why she hadn’t been eating anything the last time I saw her. If I found out his neglect went farther than just being careless with her feelings, like he was abusing her in any way, I will put a fucking hurting on him the likes of which this town has never seen. I clenched my fists at the thought of her being hurt. Put it away Gideon don’t go borrowing trouble.

I watched her for a few seconds before exiting the car, so beautiful, so innocent. It was amazing that she could be this, after dealing with what she must've been dealing with behind closed doors her whole life.

She looked around as if sensing my eyes on her and it made me smile. Yes, I wanted her as attuned to me as I was becoming to her.

I climbed out of the car after telling my driver to stay seated. In my hands were her lunch and a bunch of flowers. They were a chaotic blend of beauty in shapes and color that reminded me of her. No boring roses for my girl, they weren't exotic enough, her lips alone called for more.


She jumped off the table where she’d been sitting reading one of her classics and ran to me. She did this as if she had been doing it for a long time, so natural. On her face was the widest, brightest smile and it went right through me. Damn she packed a punch.

I caught her to me and kissed her brow while running my hand softly through her hair.

"Hello beautiful, I've come to share lunch with you."

She blushed; I wasn't sure if it was because of my attention, or because I had figured out that her piece of shit father hadn't sent her to school with lunch or any way to get something to eat.

I let it go for now, there will be plenty of time for that later right now I wanted my complete focus on her. I wanted to see her smile again. Her face does amazing things when she smiles, not to mention what it does to me.

I'd gotten us Caesar salads with grilled salmon, fresh fruit salad and water to drink.

I watched to make sure she was eating before I began to tell her of my morning's activities.

"I saw your father today."

I kept my eyes on her watching closely for her reaction. Was the fear that entered her eyes the normal fear any teenaged girl would have in this situation, or was it something more?

Tread carefully Gideon, do not push, not yet, no matter what has come before, you're here now, just see to it that her life is better for having you in it. I had to repeat that shit to myself when the fear on her face grew palpable.

"What happened?" Her voice was so soft, so...fearful, one day soon I will take that all away.

"He gave us his blessing."

I saw the disbelief in her eyes when she finally picked her head up to look at me. Fear mixed with hope, a sad combination in one so young. She made me want to weep. What is this? Was she my penance? How could she make me feel when I never had before? Why her, why now? This whole situation felt beyond my control, which was never a favorite of mine.

"He...Are you sure?" For fuck sake Gideon you can’t pick her up and sit her on your lap with a schoolyard full of teens walking around. They’re probably wondering who the fuck you are in the first place, no need to make a spectacle of yourself and her. But that hopeful sadness in her voice pierced me to the quick.

"One hundred percent, in fact I'm picking you up from school this evening and you're going to spend some time with me before I take you home later. Would you like that?"

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