By: Alli Sims
A New Adult College Bad Boy Romance

(Mature Young Adult Fun Contemporary Romance)


Fiona tapped the toe of her shoe against the leg of the table. The gentle rapping was soothing, but it was serving another purpose. It was keeping her from slapping her date. She had gotten all dressed up for this night, put aside her homework for the evening just to meet him. Looking back, she wished that she'd stayed in, studying.

The man sitting across from her was worse than boring. He was desperate, sexist and rude. The more words that fell from his lips, the uglier he became. As far as physical looks, he wasn't a bad looking guy. He had brown hair, brown eyes and a thin body. Fiona had met him in class months ago, but only now had she accepted his invitation to go out together.

Now, she understood why. It must have been some internal voice screaming at her, warning her that he was no good. Fiona leaned forward, nodded absently as she pushed her straw around her half empty glass of iced tea. As she began to daydream, she wondered what was wrong with her. Why couldn’t she meet just one sweet, normal guy and settle down?

Fiona was in her fourth year of law school. Her grades were among some of the highest in the class and no one could argue that she didn’t have a passion for the field that she had chosen. When it came to her school work, she was a success, but that’s where the success ended.

She liked to think she was a good looking woman. Her long legs, olive complexion, chestnut brown hair and emerald green eyes had always been complimented. If it wasn’t her looks, she wondered if it was her personality? Fiona didn’t feel that she was exactly daring. She liked small gatherings, her law books and a quiet night out occasionally. The men around her all seemed to want either a wild woman or a wife. She couldn’t relax enough to show off the other side of her. And it was entirely too soon to be considering marriage in her opinion.

The man in front of her droned on. As the words spilled from his lips, she wondered if anyone had ever told him how awful he sounded? Fiona supposed he was no worse than Gabe, the guy who constantly corrected her speech, but was often wrong. Jack, the always late date. Michael, he only ever talked about sex. Or even, Austin, the guy who had called her an idiot in the first five minutes of seeing her because she admitted that she wasn’t good at math.

The only good prospect in her life had been Henry. He was a law student as well. As she thought of him, she couldn’t help but to picture his clever smirk. Why they had broken up, she couldn’t understand now. It seemed like no matter what little faults Henry had, they were nothing compared to the rest of the male populace.

“Are you listening?” The guy across from her was staring, fork poised in the air.

“Yes, of course,” Fiona answered quickly.

When he started up talking again, she sighed softly. Her food had been delivered, but she wasn’t interested in it anymore. The appetite that she’d worked up all day was gone. In its place was the overwhelming urge to run away.

This is the last date I’m ever going on. She would live a life on her own, content with her career and her cats. That would be okay, she thought. Her mom had done it after she'd gotten divorced. She looked pretty happy.

Fiona glanced around the room they were in. It wasn't anything fancy, just an okay restaurant with boring dark brown furniture and cream accents. Her eyes shifted back to her date. She paused.

A few tables away, there was a man eating by himself. His phone was in his hand, but he wasn't looking at it, he was staring at her. Fiona found herself staring at him, her eyes following the strong line of his jaw. His hair was short, dark blond. She could tell he was in shape, the broad cut of his chest enticing. As she stared, he winked at her.

Fiona’s lips broke out into a smile. Now, that was the kind of guy that she needed. She could already imagine tracing her fingers through his facial hair. A shiver ran down her spine.

“You’re not listening, again. This is exactly why I said that women are hopeless. How can you be subjective in a courtroom, when you can’t even pay attention to your date? Why don’t we just call this a night?”

Fiona’s mouth fell open. She could feel her nails digging into her skin as she tried to keep from hitting him in the face. Not wanting to make a bigger scene than he already was, she said nothing. Her lips pressed together in a straight line as she glared at him. She winced as her date pushed back his chair loudly, the scraping of it enough to make her grit her teeth. He started to walk away.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to pay for your food?” She called after him.

The man kept walking as if he hadn’t heard her. She scoffed. Rolling her eyes, she reached between her feet for her purse before settling it on her lap. She wasn’t even sure if she had enough money to cover the bill. She hadn’t expected to have to pay for both of them. Her fingers dug through her purse for her wallet, when she heard the chair across from her scoot back once more.

Fiona gazed up to see the man from a few tables back, settling into the chair. She felt her heart skip a beat, before she returned the smile that was on his face. Her fingers finally grazed her wallet and she slipped it out of her bag.

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