The Rise of Kyro (Entwined Book 3)

By: H.T. Night
Entwined Series #3


Special thanks to J.R. Rain, Margaret Cervenkas, April M. Reign, Liz Jones and Sandy Johnston for all their help.

The Rise of Kyro

Chapter One

Finding Sasha was going to be a monumental task. She had been injured pretty badly and she could be anywhere on this mountain. I had an awful feeling that she was trapped in some brush, out in the middle of nowhere, bleeding to death.

Sasha and I have had our differences, but one thing was for sure, last night, when push came to shove, I had her back and she had mine.

I drove around in my black Mustang with my girlfriend, Maya, looking for Sasha from the road. I knew she was deeper in the brush. Just in case, I scoped out the outside area, but we had no luck. As I looked for my friend, I couldn’t help but feel a little eerie, knowing now that I had been completely ‘Werewolf-ified.’ I was, now and forever, a freaking werewolf. What did that mean? What was I supposed to do now? How many others were like me? And would they accept me? I thought so hard on these questions that they made my brain numb. I continued to drive around the area in about a five-mile radius but I knew this was like finding a needle in a haystack. I looked at Maya and said, “We need more manpower.”

“You want to tell the authorities?” Maya asked.

I sighed and as the sun grew hotter, I felt worse and worse for Sasha, out there somewhere, seriously injured. “I’m not ruling that out, but first, let’s go get Josiah. He is in good shape and will be able to move around quickly. He’ll be another set of eyes and feet that we desperately need.”

“I don’t want my brother to know about any of this,” Maya said, horrified.

“He won’t know about any of it. We will tell him that Sasha wandered off drunk last night after a party that we had at a friend’s house up here, and now we’re looking for her.”

“He’ll ask us why we’re not getting the cops involved. He’s a pretty inquisitive boy.”

“Seriously, you think he’ll ask that? He isn’t exactly a Boy Scout. If he asks questions, then we will come up with something. Otherwise, let’s just tell him we need his help, and we’ll take him out to eat to wherever he wants to go if he comes with us. I’m pretty sure that’s all he’ll care about.” I stared at Maya and seriously needed her okay. Finally, she nodded her head and took out her cell phone.

“You had your cell phone this entire time?” I asked.

“I was never alone. I did turn it off at some point to save the battery if I was going to use it. I had to do it while the phone was still in my pocket.”

I couldn’t imagine these savages keeping her hostage. It made me nuts thinking about it. I did all I could last night, but still, I was afraid to ask if they had hurt her in any way. However, I needed to know. I needed to know if they had ever touched her inappropriately.

“Maya, at any point, did any of them touch you sexually?”

Maya looked me dead in the eye and said, “Never. The higher-ups threatened the peons who were looking after me that if they did anything questionable to me that they would kill them personally.”

I stared at Maya and knew she was telling me the truth. I felt good about her answer. I reached out my hand and held hers and said, “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Tommy. You came for me.”

“That I did.”

Maya turned on her phone and she tried calling Josiah, but he was asleep. So, we decided to drive down and get him. Maya and Josiah’s house was only thirty minutes away down the mountain. I pressed on the gas, and we hauled down the mountain to go grab her rock star brother. I say he is a rock star because he is a legend in his own mind.

We got to the house and Daniel was sitting in his big chair in the living room. Daniel, Maya and Josiah’s dad, is about as nice of a guy you could ask for in a dad of a girl you’re dating. “Hey guys, how are you?” he said, as friendly and genuine as a person could be. It was nice to be in Maya’s house after what I had encountered the night before.

“Hi, Dad,” Maya said.

“Hi, Daniel,” I said.

“What brings you two lovebirds by?” Maya’s mom said, coming in from the kitchen to bring Daniel a cup of coffee.

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