The Others (Haunted From Without - Book One)

The Others (Haunted From Without - Book One)

: A Mystery & Detective Paranormal Action & Adventure Medical Thriller Conspiracy

August 3rd 2015

The phone rang at 4.28 a.m., the personalised ringtone of the first few bars of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony drumming its way through Susie's dream and bringing her swiftly to consciousness.

Reaching out to pick it up, she glanced at the clock, and the significance of the red digits blinking back at her made her heart quicken: almost 4.30 a.m., the dying time. A call at this time of the morning could only be bad news.

"I'm sorry to disturb you so early, but may I speak with Miss Susie Morgan?" the woman's voice enquired gently.

"Speaking," Susie replied, lifting herself up into a sitting position."This is Susie."

"Hello Susie." The woman's voice changed, her tone becoming gentler.

"This is Claire Johnson, from the care home in St Andrews where your father is living. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you . . . your father had a heart attack a few hours ago, and he was rushed to the hospital . . . "

There was a pause, and Susie waited for the woman to utter those next few words, telling her that her father had died.

"Susie, your father is not well. You need to get here. As soon as you can . . . "

There was another pause, giving Susie a moment to digest the information.

Susie swallowed, holding back the tears.

"Susie, I'm standing outside the room your father is in. He would like to speak to you."

With the phone pressed hard against her ear, Susie heard the sound of a door opening, a few footsteps, a pause, and then the faint sound of her dad's voice.

"Susie . . . It's your dad . . . " the voice whispered.

His voice was weak, and he coughed lightly after he spoke.

"It's me, Dad! I'm here! I can hear you. Dad. I love you. I love you!" the first tears began to flow and her voice trembled.

"Susie, . . . I'm dying. I don't think I have much longer, darling. Susie, I love you. You know that, don't you? I love you."

"Yes, Dad. I know. And I'm coming to be with you. I'll be there soon," Susie replied, climbing out of bed and fumbling for her clothes with her free hand.

"Soon, Susie, make it soon . . . There's something I want to tell you . . . No, not yet, I can't come yet, I need to wait to see Susie. I can't come yet . . . Susie, I love you. Get here soon . . . "

"What Dad, what did you say? Where are you going?" Susie asked, not understanding everything her dad had said.

"Susie, it's Claire again. I took the phone back."

"What was Dad saying? Where is he going?"

"Don't worry, Susie. Your dad is waiting to see you. He was just talking to the Others. It's normal . . . "

"What others?"

"Susie, I'll explain when you get here . . . but hurry. Please. I don't think there will be much time."

Chapter 2

St Andrews Community Hospital


It was just after six o'clock in the morning when Susie walked into the room in which her father was lying, his eyes closed, and an oxygen mask strapped to his face. Fighting back the tears, she had driven as fast as she could from Edinburgh, trying to stay calm and not crash the car.

She hadn't yet managed to get hold of her fiancé Peter to tell him what was happening, but he was probably still out and about somewhere in Iowa in the United States, not watching his phone, and oblivious to the nightmare that was beginning to unfold itself around Susie. If only he had been there. She needed him now, and would probably need him more in the hours to come.

Her father's eyes were shut, but the nurse had said that he was still conscious, and that she should take his hand and talk to him.

On the other side of the bed, a bank of electronic machines pulsed, bleeped and hissed, measuring and displaying his heart beats, and feeding him with life-giving oxygen.

Susie looked at the display. Her father's heart beat was slow, the little green line traced by the monitor showing uneven peaks and troughs, not like the regular, steady ones you normally see on hospital programmes on the television.

Susie swallowed.

This was not happening.

She stepped closer, sat in the chair beside her father and reached out and took her father's hand.

"Dad. It's Susie. I'm here. Dad. I'm here."


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