Secrecy:The Story of KinZu Noble

By: Mercy B

The aroma of Christian Dior was prominent, slicing through the air with each peddle that was taken. Routinely, every eye in the building was trained on the vicious vixen that swayed her way across the ballroom. The floor length mink had been imported just a day prior. It was compulsory that the Italian design arrived in time for the the big night, or else all hell would’ve broken loose. Not giving two shits about the extra $2,500 that was required for express delivery, the order was placed without hesitation. That was just the way that shit worked.

Under the fire red mink was a custom gown, fitting for only a queen. The silk material hugged with little to no room to move. Black in color and unique in style, it was suitable for the grand event. The Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Satin Pumps clicked and clacked on the marbled floor, causing a bit of a ruckus. Heads turned and bodies shifted to get a better view as the rare beauty strolled.

With grace and gumption, 26 year old KinZu Noble glided across the sea of billionaires with the assistance of her counterpart. Tonight’s charity event had caused for her presence. Although she’d much rather be in the comfort of her very own mansion, curled up eating popcorn, she’d substituted her quality time to accompany the infamous Daniel Worthy. After all, the $100,000 that had been deposited into her account prior to her arrival had been enough persuasion to get her out of the jammies that she was in.

“Sorry I’m late, darling.” KinZu spat. She’d gotten accustomed to lying. It came with the territory. “You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to correct my eyeliner. The artist never showed up. Maybe I should’ve rode with you as you suggested after all.”

Daniel Worthy smiled as he pulled KinZu into his arms. “It’s quite alright.” He squeezed. “As long as you made it.”

“I wouldn’t dare miss it for the world.” She pulled back.

Stepping closer into his space, she licked her index finger and cleaned the dried dressing that had crumbled above his lip. She could give a fuck less about the crust that was on his face, but her forged concerns were all a part of her act.

“Honey.” She chuckled, “What have you been eating?”

“A little of everything.” Daniel admitted.

“I see.” KinZu raised her brows.

“Sweetie, I’d like for you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Rec Southerland. This is my beautiful wife, KinZu Worthy.” He waved his hand back and forth as he made introductions. “Rec is the big guy that I’ve been telling you about. Mr. and Mrs. Southerland donated over a million dollars to A Worthy Cause this year alone.” Daniel placed his hands on KinZu’s waist and turned her to face the older gentleman and woman that were standing behind her.

Rather than roll her eyes into the top of her head as she’d wanted, KinZu smiled –bright eyed. “Oh my God, Danny has mentioned you several times. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name. We are thankful for your hefty donations. I hope that you received the cards that the Mr. and I sent you two.”

Of course Daniel wasn’t the Mr. and KinZu sure as hell wasn’t the Mrs., but it wasn’t for anyone else to know. Their status wasn’t up for discussion. Whatever was quoted to the associate was what it was. There wasn’t any debating. Daniel was a trusted businessman, and no one would ever peg him to be a liar. Besides, KinZu could be your part-time wife, children’s mother, mistress, partner, girlfriend, enemy or whatever other reasonable partnership that needed to be shammed for the public eye. There weren’t many regulations to her occupation, but there were some aspects she wouldn’t even attempt to embark on.

The highest paid escort in the city of Philly, she was proud to be. There wasn’t a single soul on the face of God’s green earth that could berate or denounce her profession of choice. KinZu was genius, never participating in even one day of dick sucking and was awarded the life that her naysayers could only dream of. Undoubtedly, she was that bitch, and hated to be mistaken for anything else.

“Yes. We did, dear. Thanks so much.”

“My pleasure.”

Daniel had forewarned KinZu on a few things that had taken place during the time that had lapsed between their previous event, and now. He’d sent her flash cards and emails keeping her up-to-date on his dealings and involvement with the community. Being a wife is a little too complicated, KinZu had concluded time and time again. Each week, she was receiving new information to store in her mental. It was one of the main reasons that Daniel’s tab was so high.

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