Rock-A-Bye Baby

By: Vivian Ward

I know that Corbin has a concert tour coming up, but I don’t want him to go. He hasn’t traveled in almost a year, and I’ve loved being able to spend time with him so much. It’s nice to have someone to cuddle up to at night and wake up with in the morning. I never want it to end. He knows it’s been bothering me lately and even though he isn’t scheduled to leave for almost an entire month, he has a very special weekend planned for us because my birthday is coming up. My birthday is actually the day before he leaves, but he’ll be busy, so we’re celebrating now.

“Are you ready?” he asks as he sprays on some of his cologne.

“Almost. Let me switch out my purses real quick and then we can leave.” As he walks past me, I can smell his rich scent and drink in the fragrance of his cologne. It’s my favorite; the one that I bought him for our last anniversary. I finish changing out my pocketbook and leave the bedroom, heading downstairs to the living room.

“You look so good,” he kisses my forehead. “Come on, bae.”

We make our way down to the John Hancock Building to dine on the 95th floor at the restaurant before heading up to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. As we sip on drinks—mine is non-alcoholic, of course—I admire the magnificent view of the city from the tall sky rise building. After a romantic dinner and evening gazing at the city’s skyline, he says he has a surprise for me. In my opinion, we’ve already shared one of the most perfect evenings together in my life.

“What? Where are we going next?” I ask. I didn’t know that he had anything else planned.

“You let me worry about that. I want to make your birthday date special for you since I won’t be home to celebrate with you, and this is your last one without kids.” He glides his hand over my baby bump. “You know that I love you, and I hate being away for something like that, but I have to go on tour.”

“Yeah, I know. Your tour.” I roll my eyes. Why does he have to bring that up when we’re having such a great time together? I could go an eternity without ever hearing about another concert venue. He knows that he doesn’t have to go, but he’s going anyway.

“Hey,” his fingertips barely touch my chin as he brings my eyes up to meet his. “Let’s not go there. I love you, and we’re having a good time. I’m sorry. I should have never brought it up.”

As he begins driving, I have no idea where we’re going. I do know that we are not going home when we get on the highway going the opposite direction that we need to go. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see. We will be there in a few minutes.”

About ten minutes pass by, and now we are getting off an exit ramp near Magnificent Mile. I patiently wait to see where we are going even though it’s driving me nuts to anticipate what he has planned. A few minutes off the highway, he begins driving through a residential area. Confused, I think we are lost. “Bae, I think you made a wrong turn somewhere. We’re in a neighborhood.”

“I know,” he smiles. For a moment, I think maybe my birthday surprise is a new house. But he wouldn’t do that without consulting me, would he? I remember making him insane as we hunted for the right place to live when we moved into the house we are at now. Surely he didn’t forget that. How could he?

Another two blocks and he pulls over to the side of the road, beaming with pride. “We’re here.”

“We’re where?” I look around. What the hell is he talking about?

“I rented this for us so we could have a romantic weekend get-away. It’s a townhouse with large bedrooms, a fancy spiral staircase and an accessible rooftop where we can go and admire the beautiful night sky. There’s also a private hot tub with plenty of jets in the master suite and a large, heated shower room with glass doors. The marble floors have hand-painted designs and the crown molding is carved by hand.”

I smile. “Are you kidding me? For real?”

“For real, and there’s a surprise inside for my special lady.” He helps me out of the car and takes me inside. Everything is just as he has described it and it’s so beautiful that I wish he had bought it instead of renting it for the weekend. The view is amazing, and I never want to leave. “Follow me,” he says, leading me up the spiral staircase that features glass walls with a golden handrail. This place screams elegant.

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