Dark Boundaries

By: Michelle Horst

This one goes out to all the bloggers out there.


I want to thank God for being there every step of the way and blessing me with such an amazing life.

Thank you to Ronald and Sheldon, my lovely family, for being so patient with me.

Patti your covers rock, as always. I swear I’m addicted to cover shopping with you.

Kristine, my BFF and super-amazing PA, I’d be lost without.

My Beta Readers, Riza Matias-Gumboc, Liza Flor Dequilla , Kristine McGinnis, Kelly Marshall-White, Rhiannon Matthias - ladies you’re all kinds of awesome. Thank you for giving up the time to read for me, making teasers and pimping for me.

My fellow author and friend, the one who inspires me – Kirsty Dallas – I live for your next release.

My book besties – Amy, Andrea, Edwin, Karen, Sharon and Kelly Fletcher – thank you for being my friends.

And most important – the readers, reviewers and bloggers – thank you for each of you. You make writing worthwhile.

Thank you to each blog that took the time to take part in the cover reveal and release day blitz.

Love ya all tons ;)




As I come to, I find my world spinning. I feel a hand on my side and pain shoots through my ribs as I’m pushed. And the world starts to spin faster as my body goes round and round.

I’m hanging from something and can’t reach the floor to stop my body from swinging.

“I always wanted to take up kickboxing. You know, like Van Damme in that movie Bloodsport. It’s one of my favorites.” Ice flows through my veins at the sound of Warren’s voice.

It all comes back to me how Warren came into the hospital room, as if he was some long lost relative. I tried to call for help but he covered my mouth and whispered the words that made me leave willingly with him. “If you don’t come peacefully I will go and kill that redhead, or the blackhead, which do you prefer? Oh wait, maybe I should kill your master?”

His fist slams into my side, as if I’m a punching bag. White-hot pain sears through my already bruised body.

“Warren, stop playing with the slut and fuck her already. I have a meeting to make,” I hear Bill’s voice, but I can’t focus enough to see where he is, or how many men there are.

“I’m going to fuck you so good you’re gonna beg me to be your master,” Warren sneers. He grabs my hair and yanks my face closer to his. “You’d like that, won’t you slut?”

I don’t answer him. I know it doesn’t matter what I say. He’s going to do what he wants to me until he grows bored and kills me.

“Bend her over the table,” Bill says, sounding annoyed. “I want to have a perfect view of her ass as you break her in.”

Fear and dread ripples through me. Oh no! I can’t believe this is how my life is going to end. Just as everything started to go right, it all comes crumbling down around me again.

Warren unhooks me and lets me fall to the hard ground. I watch him pull his foot back and then he sinks it into my stomach. I let out a silent scream as I gasp for air. I’m still recovering from the kick when he grabs my bound hands and starts to drag me somewhere. I don’t know where we are. As he yanks me forward, Bill comes into view. He’s sitting on a chair watching this all go down with that smug look on his face. The building is otherwise empty, and it makes Warren’s footsteps echo against the walls.

“You know, I thought it was funny that Garrett and that other douche just disappeared after the auction. Hey, Pop…” Warren stops to have a conversation with his dad. I try frantically to twist my body around so I can get to my feet. All my trouble earns me another kick to my side. He glares at me before looking to his dad, his face showing how eager he is to please the man. He goes on talking as if I didn’t just interrupt him. “That really pissed you off. But see, I did Pop proud. I told you I’d find them. I got the slut and soon we’ll have Garrett pay for what’s left of her. I wonder if he’ll think she’s worth anything when we’re done with her.” They’re discussing me as if I’m nothing. I’m nothing but merchandise again.

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