Con Man_ Complete Series Box Set

By: M.S. Parker
Con Man Complete Series Box Set

Bad Boy Romance

Con Man Book 1

M. S. Parker

Chapter One


“Get out of the road!” someone screamed as they blared their horn at me.

“Get out of the crosswalk!” I snapped back. I had the right of way, and I was in no mood to deal with entitled, vehicle-equipped bullies trying to turn right on red.

He honked again, so I opened my jacket and flashed my badge. It was hard to see him through the tinted windows of his sporty little car, but I was pretty sure I'd made my point. I wasn't one of those people who liked to throw my position around so I could flaunt the rules, but there were times when being an FBI agent had its perks.

But those perks wouldn't stick around for long if I ended up late for work. Picking up my pace, I pulled my collar tighter around my neck with one hand, my other juggling two cups of coffee. The October wind was just beginning to gain a biting edge, and I was predicting the city would get snow before Thanksgiving.

If someone would've told me my lifelong dream to become an FBI agent would involve circus-level aptitude for balancing multiple items in one hand rather than tracking down bad guys, I wouldn’t have believed them. But after a couple of months in the white-collar division, the reality of bureau life had taught me that for every exciting moment in my job, there would be a hundred dull ones.

Still, I didn't regret my decision to pursue a career with the section of the FBI that specialized in the sort of crime that had ruined too many lives, including my own.

I strode through the main doors of our office, using my foot to force the entryway open. As soon as I did, I saw my boss, Colman Gau, standing just on the other side. I cringed, but he stepped out of the way of the violently swinging door with an agility that his build hid. He was a relatively solid guy, about five-eleven with broad shoulders and muscle that was still solid despite the fact that he was closer to fifty than forty.

“Careful there, Melendez. I wouldn't want to have to explain that injury to HR.”

I managed a contrite expression, although I half-wished the wooden slab had bashed into him. Something about him just rubbed me the wrong way. “Sorry, sir, won't happen again.”

He smirked, the corners of his dark blue eyes crinkling. “Good to know. And I see you've got some talented hands there. Quite a lot going on at once.”

It took everything in me not to roll my eyes. I wasn't sure whether my boss thought he was charming, but he usually strayed too close to the border of inappropriate for me to be amused at his cheesy passes. “If you think this is impressive, you should see how quickly I can drop a man with a single shot.”

I hurried away before he could make an excuse to extend our conversation. Most men shorter than me – and at six feet without heels, there were a lot of them – were too intimidated to hit on me, so I'd been spared a number of the problems I knew most female recruits were subject to. Unfortunately, Agent Gau didn't seem to be one of them.

I kicked open another pair of doors much more carefully this time and walked into a large room filled with about ten different desks. Mine was all the way in the opposite corner of the room, where the stagnant air liked to hang out. I navigated the minefield of coworkers, binders sticking off of desk corners, and rolling chairs before I finally set down the drinks on my designated workstation.

“Please tell me that's hot coffee.” A voice came from behind me.

I turned to see my partner and mentor. “Eh, lukewarm coffee is probably more like it now.”

“Uh, I don't care. Gimme, gimme!”

I handed the woman a cup, giving her a once over. She certainly looked a little more worn around the edges than she usually did. She usually kept her short, onyx-colored hair impeccably coiffed, but today she was definitely a victim of some pretty prolific bed-head. Her tanned skin was missing its usual glow, and her sharp, yellow-green eyes had some pretty dark bags under them. She was a striking woman with unique coloring, but at the moment, she just looked washed out.

“Late night?” I asked. “Crime ring, cute guy, or both?”

She sighed and sank into her chair in the desk right across from my own. Despite the fact that she was more than half a foot shorter than me, she had the sort of presence that made her seem larger-than-life. “I wish it was something so fun, but...I might have gotten behind on paperwork.”

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