Seduced by Mr. Right

By: Pamela Yaye
A lesson in love?

His life shattered by tragedy, Emilio Morretti stunned the world when he walked away from his fabulous career. The reclusive Atlanta race car legend isn’t looking for redemption or romance when he meets Sharleen Nichols. But the life coach’s infectious zeal for life is starting to make him feel like a winner again.

Haunted by her own painful secret, Sharleen can’t let her attraction to her celebrity client affect her professional judgment—or her heart. But with his charm and dashing good looks, Emilio is impossible to resist. And a weekend getaway to Miami only fuels the flames of their passion. Are they ready to trust their feelings and put the past behind them? Or will an exploding media scandal and an enemy’s vengeful agenda destroy the happiness finally within their reach?

“I’d do anything for you. You know that, right?” Emilio said.

He reached out and brushed his fingers gently against her cheeks. Pleasure shot straight to her core, tickled and teased her.

“Do you want me to carry you back to my estate?”

“Let’s not and say we did,” she said with a laugh. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a curvy woman, not a toothpick, and I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

His stare was bold, penetrating. Emilio didn’t speak, didn’t utter a word, but if looks could kill she’d be six feet under. Sharleen gulped. What did I do wrong? Why is he mad?

The tense moment only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like hours had passed.

Emilio broke the silence, his voice hollow, cold as ice. He didn’t raise his voice, but his disappointment was evident. “You’re an incredibly smart woman, but I swear, sometimes you say the craziest things.”

Sharleen narrowed her eyes and hitched a hand to her hip. “Who are you calling crazy?”

“You. Now shut up and kiss me.” Emilio seized her waist, wrapped his arms around her and claimed her lips with his mouth.


Shannon Criss: Thank you for giving me the freedom to write the story that was in my heart. I appreciate your support and hope you’ll be my editor for many years to come. We make a fantastic team! :-)

Daniel Odidison: You are the best dad ever!!! Thank you for being my unofficial PR person. You tell everyone you meet about my books and hand out autographed copies at the bank, the grocery store, church and in mall parking lots. You are just amazing, and I’m SO thankful you’re my dad.

Chapter 1

“Emilio, we have a problem.”

Frowning, Emilio Morretti hit Pause on the remote control and glanced over his right shoulder. Sunshine splashed through the windows of his Greensboro estate, filling the living room with a harsh, blinding light. But he could still make out his business manager’s silhouette in the open doorway. Emilio was drained, but he nodded his head in greeting. Today was the second anniversary of his nephew’s death, and although his spirits were low, he slapped a smile on his face.

“Hey, man, what’s up?”

“Sorry for barging in like this, but this couldn’t wait.” Antwan Tate slipped off his aviator sunglasses and rested his leather briefcase at his feet. Antwan reeked of confidence. His black Tom Ford suit didn’t have a wrinkle in sight, and he was wearing more bling than Diddy. The men had known each other for years—ever since Emilio relocated from Italy to Atlanta in 2006—and he could tell by his manager’s creased brow and stiff posture that he was stressed-out. Over the years, they’d become closer than brothers, and Emilio considered Antwan family. Antwan had been there for him during his darkest days, and he trusted him wholeheartedly.

“What’s going on?”

“You need to look at this,” Antwan said, offering him a large manila envelope.

Emilio stared at it but didn’t touch it. “What is it?”

“It’s a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. It arrived at my office this morning by courier, and once I spoke to the other parties involved I drove straight here.”

Reluctantly, Emilio took the envelope from Antwan’s outstretched hand and opened it. As he scanned the letter, his heart began beating harder, faster. Unable to believe what he was reading, he looked at his manager closely, searched his face for signs of deception. A known prankster, Antwan took great delight in punking his friends, but this time Emilio wasn’t falling for it.

Determined to beat Antwan at his own game, Emilio crumpled the paper, tossed it over his shoulder and hit Play on the remote control. Cheers, laughter and shrieks of joy filled the room. Emilio never got tired of replaying his nephew’s soccer games, and he grinned every time Lucca’s image filled the eighty-inch TV screen. Two years had passed, but Emilio still couldn’t believe that Lucca—his adorable nephew with the curly hair and high-pitched giggle—was gone.

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